Strangers' Lips

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For romanceWjoshramsay's contest:: Two people, never met before, never to meet again after a fun night in a place foreign to one of them.

Submitted: May 21, 2012

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Submitted: May 21, 2012



kiss-fr.jpgStrangers' Lips

"Shiloh, dude, come on. Get up out of that chair and come with me to do some pre-party drinking. You are making me depressed. It's our last night here and you need to forget that slut!" I sighed in annoyance and threw the pillow that was sitting next to me at Dan. He caught it and chucked it back. "Well, I'm leaving with or without you because I want to get some. I'll leave the address on the counter. Come if you want. It's starting around 10." Dan went to the little kitchen that we had in our hotel room then, after writing the address of the party on a piece of paper, he left with a wave. I turned the TV to a music channel and hopped in the shower with the door open so I could hear better.

After drying off I got dressed and shoved the address in my pocket then headed out to get some dinner. I found a little pizza place and sat at an outside table in the front of it, ordered, then started to do one of my favorite things: People watch. Being on vacation I thought I would see some different people in Gettysburg from home. I was wrong. Every one here looked as they do in Florida, just less tan. I guess living in the colder area people don't get out in the sun as much. But one person, a girl in her late teens, maybe twenty, that crossed my path looked different from the other people on the street. Kind of short and tan, but not tan like she spent all day at the beach or at a pool. Natural tan. I wanted to talk to her but she was gone in a blink of the eye.

My food came several seconds later so I didn't even have time to get up and look into the crowd. After I ate a few slices of my personal pan pizza I convinced myself it would have crazy to just go up and talk to her anyway. Only creeps do that,I reasoned. I finished up, paid my bill, and went to a park not far from the pizza joint. I walked around for a while then sat on a bench. "No one could have guessed what happened next," I later told Dan when I found him. "The girl that passed the pizza place sat right next to me! I commented on her shirt, it had The Doors on it, and asked her what her favorite song from them was. We kept talking about music then went onto books and eventually she invited me to a party. Guess the party." I looked at Dan for a while until he asked what. "The exact same one that you are going to tonight!"

Dan got a look in his eye. "So you're going with me then?" I nodded and he slapped me on the back. "Good going, dude!" An hour later we arrived at the house and I saw her talking to a few other girls, though she didn't look interested in the conversation. I told Dan I'd find him later then walked up to Rae.

"Hey," I said close to her ear so she could hear me over the music. She turned and smiled. She told her friends she'd talk to them later and walked off with me to a spot we were more able to talk in.

"I'm glad you made it! I was not looking forward to talking to them about clothes anymore." She rolled her eyes and I laughed a bit. "I mean, don't get me wrong. I love those girls but they get annoying from time to time. It's nice to have a guy to talk to. But most around here are idiots."

I agreed. "Don't let me fool you, though. Most guys are idiots." She giggled and I couldn't help but smile at the way her eyes glittered. After three hours of loud music and drunk teens she asked me to go somewhere with her. I said okay and we drove off in my rental car to where she wanted to go. It was the same park we were at before but behind a line of trees, out of sight of the road. "What are we doing back here?" I asked.

"Look up," was her answer. I did. The stars were so bright you'd think we were in the woods not next to a bigger city area. "Amazing, right?" I nodded. She sat and sat next to her. As the night went on we got more and more into each other. By the time the sun was about to come up I knew a lot about her and had told just about everything about me, including that I was leaving at eight in the morning to go home. The only thing we hadn't told each other was our ages. I asked out of curiosity and she told me she was sixteen, turning seventeen in a month. I almost freaked. Here I was, a twenty-one year old hanging out with a sixteen year old. Most people would call that baby sitting.

"I could've sworn you were over eighteen. You act like it." I tried to act as if the age didn't bother me but it kind of did. I didn't want to get into trouble if someone caught us here and got the wrong idea.

I guess she could see the worry in my eyes because she said, "Don't fret. If you think it's an issue that I'm with you we can just go back to my friends house. Separate ways." I almost said that was a good idea but then she smiled and my worry went away when the glitter in her eyes came back. Now though, I had a different agenda. My plan was to "get some" as Dan put it but now I wasn't really interested in it. For the bit of time I was with Rae, I did forget Tina. That was enough for me.

I agreed to stay and then, when the sun was just cresting the hills and making the sky turn bright colors, she leaned over and kissed me. She caught me so off guard andI was so used to making the first move I didn't even think. I just kissed her back. It wasn't a long or sloppy kiss. Just a short sweet one. When she pulled away I asked her what that was for. She simply said, "You looked like you needed it." Then she laid back on the grass and we continued watching the sun come up. "Well," she started, then looked at her watch, "I suppose you should take me back to my friends house. Besides, it's almost time for you to get packing." She smiled and I helped her up. When we got to her friends house she kissed me again but this time a bit longer. Without a good-bye she got out and closed my door. I waited to make sure she got in alright. Before she closed the door I saw her waved to me.

On the drive back to the hotel, I thought of turning around and getting her number incase I ever wanted to see her again but decided to let a good thing go. When I walked through the hotel room door Dan was packing his things. "Dude! Where the hell did you go last night! I looked for you and..." His face went from questioning stare to a smile. "You got some didn't you!?" He raised his eye brow.

I smiled and told him no but didn't I elaborate. I just took out my suitcase and began packing my own things. He questioned me the entire time. I never did tell Dan what had happened because he'd give me some spielabout how I should have even though she was underage because we were probably never coming back again. It was too good a night to let Dan ruin it with his foolish scenarios. Probably one that I'll never forget.

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