The Candy House

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Hansel and Gretel from the view of the witch.

Submitted: March 31, 2013

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Submitted: March 31, 2013



I'm so hungry. I haven't had anything to eat in months. It's not fair. For a night now there have been children in my woods. Skinny children but they are easily plumped! I touch the little piece of glass that had broken from my seeing mirror in a fight and peer into it. It shows the children sitting on a large stone in the northeast part of my forest. "Hansel, why has daddy put us out here alone? And is he coming back?" The little girl says.

"I don't know Gretel. But listen, I have made a path back home again. This time with some bread crumbs. When the sun rises we will follow them to the house." He smiles and I do to.

I look at the ragged black crow that has perched itself next to me. "Find their crumbs, Crow. Eat them so they will be forced to come here." With that my little pet is out the window.

I begin to hum a cutesy song and do so until morning. It's a nifty little spell my mother taught me to take control over children. Hum it long enough and it takes hold of any child's mind within a circle of small, purple stones. This one in particular is for urging them to come near. It's nearly half an hour past dawn when I hear scratches at my house.

"Nibble, nibble, gnaw, gnaw. Who is picking at my house?"

There's a moment of silence before a little voice says, "Sorry ma'am. We don't mean to be rude but we are hungry and have no food."

I open the door and look to the right. "Come in, little children. I have many sweets, breads, and meats. You may have your fill. I also have wonderful beds you may sleep on." A witches seeing is not all that great, the looking glass being the only thing we can properly see, so when the children walk in I must rely on my sense of smell to know where they are. I walk to the kitchen area and mutter, "Close the door once you are in. The draft is horrible this time of day." I hear the doors latch click then Oo's and Ah's come from their mouths at the table and counters full of food.

"May we..." the girl starts.

I nod. They begin gorging themselves on cupcakes, sweet cakes, and sweetbreads. Meat pies, pastas, and soups. "Boy, there are chairs in the gated area over there. Please, help yourself." I hear the Hansel boy's shoes click-clack on the stone floor. The gate opens and he steps in. In a hurry, I slam the gate and lock him in. He cries why. "I'm hungry, boy! Ever hear of a witch!" The little girl gasps then she tries to run. I stop her in her tracks with humming. "Go, girl! Fetch me some water from the river. I need something hot to cook for your brother!"

She marches out the door like a good little solder. "Witch?" The boy asks. "Witches don't live in these woods. My father told me so!"

"Your father lied, boy!" The girl comes back, bucket of water in hand. "Good girl. Put it on the stove and start making a soup." Several days go on and the boy, even though he is eating, is still very skinny. Fed up with waiting, I start a fire in the stove.

"What's that for?" Asks the boy.

"Why you, of course." I give a slight cackle. "Girl!" I summon her from her spot on the floor. "Stick your head in the oven and see how hot it is." She tries but is too short, so she says.

"Please, ma'am. I can't."

I push her out of the way. I put my head in and say, "It's not hard little girl. Just do this." I stand on my toes and out of nowhere there is a push on my behind.

Suddenly, I'm in the oven and the little brat is yelling to her brother as she locks the door. "Hansel! Hansel! We're free, we're free!" I hear the little snot skip to the cage and unlock it, the door being pulled open.

They run out and I'm stuck in my oven! Outraged, I pull on the bars and scream and yell. It's no use but I still do it.

I'm so hungry. I haven't had anything to eat in months. It's not fair. Now I'm burning alive in my own home, my own oven.

I'm so hungry...

So hungry....


I moan my last breath as the fire boils my blood. Hungry.....

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