Underworld on Parade

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Submitted: November 23, 2009

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Submitted: November 23, 2009



"Tonight's the night!" Jeremy pranced around the room and tried to pull his sister, Kat up out of bed to dance with him. "Come on! Aren't you excited?" Kat glared at him and he got the message to leave her alone. He shrugged and turned on some music. Kat yanked the pillow over her head to tune out the drone of the tunes.
"GET OUT!" she yelled but Jeremy didn't hear her because of the music and the pillow. After a few more moments of hearing the loud music and feeling the vibrations from her brother's jumping around, she got up and threw a book at him.
Jeremy moved just in time for the book to miss him. "Fuck man! Don't get mad! Jeez. I just do NOT know how you can sleep right now!" He picked the book up and placed it on the desk at the other side of the room, out of his sister's reach. "By-the-by, Mom and Dad told me to get you up. So donít stake the messenger."
He left the room and closed the door on his way out. "Jerk," Kat mumbled. She rubbed her face with her hands than took the clip out of her hair. It was so long it hit the bed and still needed room to fall. Kat looked about twenty years old with blue eyes and jet-black hair. Believe it or not, she is over one hundred years old! Vampires are a lucky bunch. They hardly ever age. Kat's skin will age until she looks about twenty-five years old.
Kat stood and went to the bathroom to take a shower. When she got out her mother was looking through her books. "Whatcha looking for Ma?" She said as she searched through her closet for clothes. When her mother didn't answer Kat spoke louder, "Mom? Mom!" Still no answer. She noticed that her mom was swaying a little bit. She walked up behind her mother and tapped her on the shoulder.
Her mom jumped and turned around, ready to strike. When she realized it was Kat she relaxed. "Hey Baby!" her mother yelled. "I didn't know you where in here!" Kat pulled the music buds from her momís ears. "Oh, sorry," She laughed. "This new 'iPod' thing is amazing! Do you know that it can hold over 3,000 songs?"
"Yes I do mom," she mumbled. "Now, what do you need from my books?" She sat down on her bed.
"I need that one book on Witches. I'm meeting with one tonight to talk about the 'Big Event'. They helped us put it together, you know." Her mother kept searching. "Don't you keep these things in order or something?" Kat stood up and floated to her mom. Standing completely still for a millisecond, she found the book.
"Welcome," she said with a smile.
"Thanks, Baby. I'll bring it back I promise!" With that, her mom walked out of the room. Kat closed the door and got dressed. She sundered out of her room while brushing her hair. When she got to the kitchen everyone, minus her mother, was chewing on raw steak at the table. Her dad looked up form his newspaper.
"Hey, Pumpkin."
"Hey Daddy." She walked to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of blood.
Since vampires always had a bad rap for killing humans and drinking their blood, the elders-council made a deal with mankind. If they supplied enough blood to fill all the vampires, the vampires would have to stop hunting, until hunting season anyway.
Vampires get a biting license just like humans get a shooting license. They can bite any wild animal, unless endangered, or they can go to a special farm and chew on a cow.
"When does the parade start, Dad?"
He looked at the calendar, "It says two." Kat looked at her phone and started to walk off. "Where are you going?"
"Well," she paused, "Since it doesn't start 'til two, I was going to go and chill with Nick." She put on a hopeful face and tried to act innocent. Her dad went back his paper than nodded. "Thanks Daddy!" she said, than to her brother, "Bye Shit-head!"
Jeremy stuck his tongue out, "Yo Pops, I'ma go chill wit the boys! Later."
He almost made it out the door when his dad said, "No you don't. When I give you a time you don't come home until four hours later."
This time Kat stuck her tongue out. "Dad! That's not fair! She gets to go out!" Jeremy slammed back into his seat, which then slammed into the wall behind him.
"It is very fair. Your sister listens when we say a time. Sometimes she is even here before we tell her to be. You can learn a lot from her you know."
"You can learn a lot from her," Jeremy mocked. His dad smacked him in the head. "Shit Pops!" Jeremy stalked off to his room.
"Okay. Anyway, bye Daddy. See you in a few hours." Kat ran to her motorcycle and started it up. Before she went anywhere, she checked her horoscope on her cell. It read:
When dealing with people today, listen to their ranting and raving with an open mind. Not everyone around you will be able to agree on the right way to go about doing things ñ luckily you should find all this bickering quiet amusing! Let them vent their frustrations without offering up your own opinion. Amid all the griping, you might find a creative solution to a troublesome issue. Aren't you glad you stuck around for it all?
"Hm." She closed her phone and rode over to Nick's. When she was about a block from his house, she cut the engine and parked. As she walked the rest of the way over, she texted him, 'Babe, meet me outside.'
When she was two doors down, her phone vibrated. 'Frnt or bck?' She texted, 'front.' She sat in front of his house for a minute before he came out. "Hey," he whispered.
"Hi." Kat smiled. "Are you coming to the parade tonight?" she asked, trying to cover up her rapidly beating heart.
Nick shrugged, "Well, you know my family doesn't like The Underworld's Creatures and humans living in one world. They would rather have you back in Underworld." When he saw her smile disappear he quickly added, "But for you, I'll go."
Her smile was instantly back and she hugged him tight. "Thank you," she whispered in his ear and kissed him on the neck. Nick was automatically happy with himself for making her smile again.
"What time does it start?"

Kat walked into the kitchen of her family's house around one-thirty. "That is why she is always allowed to go places." She heard her brother still mocking their dad. When he noticed Kat was back he put on a geeky smile. "So how's your boyfriend?"
Kat punched his arm. "He is not my boyfriend. You know that humans and vampires are forbidden to date." She walked over to the fridge and grabbed a plate of raw hamburger. After grabbing a glass of water she sat at the table.
"You could keep it a secret," Jeremy mentioned.
"No, I couldn't," Kat replied. "You would use it against me and than I'd have to hurt you." She gave him a odd smile, kind of like saying ëAnd Iíd be glad to do it too."
"Whatever," he walked out of the kitchen and disappeared around the bend. Just than Kat's mom came around. She smiled at her daughter and walked to the back door. She opened it and let the cat in. Now, this cat is not a regular cat. It is a vampire cat. Some pet stores figured that if it would make them more money, so they started to create and sell turned animals to vampires. The pet stores were right! The most popular animal is a jet-black cat. Go figure!
Her mom looked at her iPod for the time. "Baby, it's almost two. Why aren't you dressed yet?" she asked. She was shouting again.
Kat got up and walked over to her mom, once more pulling out the music buds. "I am dressed." She looked at her jeans and her tank top. "I think I am dressed very well for a stupid parade." She sat back down at the table.
"Well, I guess you can walk like that. And this thing is not stupid." Kat rolled her eyes as she finished off her hamburger. She placed her plate in the sink. "Okay, lets go!"
"Yep," Kat said as her brother jumped into the kitchen with his dad walking behind him.
He was out the door before Kat even started walking towards it.

They all lined up in their spots. 'There sure are a lot of people here to see this,' thought Kat. She searched for Nick in the crowd. Some people had looks of amazement and others fear. Some even looked upset. For the most part though, it was amazement. Maybe because they never knew that there were so many vampires and Underworldly creatures.
As Kat looked around more she noticed there were a bunch of witches and goblins and even werewolves. Ahead of the group was a sign that said, "UNDERWORLD ON PARADE" in big fancy letters. The parade started to move and some people threw stuff at the creatures in it. People were yelling and screaming and, to Kat's surprise, cheering. Many people had signs that said, "Welcome" or "Underworld Rules!"
Halfway through the parade, she found Nick. Well, technically he found her. He started to walk the parade with her! Others like him joined. That was how the creatures knew that they were officially welcomed and allowed to live among the living.
Nick smiled and said, "Sorry I was late. I made a few phone calls." Kat smiled and wrapped her arms around Nick's waist. Nick placed his arm around her shoulder and hugged her tight.

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