Walking Down the Creek: They Meet Again.

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This is a sequel to 'Walking Down the Creek'. I know that a few people were asking me to write one so I did. Enjoy.

Submitted: November 26, 2010

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Submitted: November 26, 2010



As her last few drops of blood fell onto her young loves shirt she felt... Free. She even stood and floated! 'Wait,' she thought, 'I'm dead. How did I...' She turned around and her thought flew away as she looked at the crying boy holding her cold, dead body. A man appeared behind the boy and tried to pull him away. About twenty minutes later the cops showed up to take pictures and collect the body. One cop asked the boy if he knew why she did it. He swallowed hard and chocked out two words, \"Her dad.\" The cop nodded in an all too knowing way.

The cops drove the boy home. After giving him a card for a great depression therapist the cops drove away, leaving the sobbing teen standing on his porch. She tried to touch his shoulder to comfort him but all he felt was wind. When she tried to tell him that she was okay all he heard was the russell of the leaves.

A month went by and he had no desire to talk to anyone, go to school, or even eat. She kept trying to comfort him but could not find a way to touch him without being the wind.Though she was already dead seeing her love like this broke her heart.

Finally, after hours, days, weeks alone in his room he made up his mind. He wrote a note, stuck it to the fridge, grabbed an aspirin bottle and a soda and walked down to where his loves life dripped away, blood drop by blood drop. After downing nine aspirin he felt a hill. She was getting more into his mind the more his life ebbed away. By the time she could speak to him and hr heard her clearly it was to late. He took enough to stop his heart. He stood up and looked at his body, laying there under the clear blue cloudless sky.He turned around to see his love, even being dead for two months could not take away her beauty. She took his hand in hers and as they floated away from the terrible scene they faded into the background. Once again together, but this time, for eternity.

The note: 'To Ma and Pa; I'm sorry for leaving you in such a way but I simply can't live without her. I love you both ~Kyle~

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