Living With A Survivor

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A look into what it's like living with a survivor of abuse. This is a companion piece to my Survivor poem and is a first attempt at this.

Submitted: September 25, 2006

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Submitted: September 25, 2006



the love of their lives

they finally meet

love is too strong

to be that discreet


they're kissing in public

their hands bound by love

and when they're in bed

they fit like a glove


the months pass on by

and things start to change

publicly normal

but their sex life is strange


she is close at first,

but her distance grows

then she's close again

her confusion shows


loving to hating

anger to regret

you ask her what's wrong

she answers, "don't fret."


you move to console

she retracts with disgust

not sure what to do

but help her you must


compares you to him

and she's mad at you,

not at you, but at him

this confliction is true


can't separate feelings

emotions strike out

horrible words fly

feelings in doubt


realization sweeps in

and sorrow begins

she tries to explain

of another's sins


nothing you can do

but be there for her

don't take it personal

you better not stir


she needs you now

to be who you are

the one she spotted

that day from afar


be with her now

in this time of need

support her struggle

that is love, indeed


supposed to be easy

but life rarely is

this is just an ordeal

of hers, and his

© Copyright 2019 Ivan E. Moore II. All rights reserved.

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