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Also a depressive song about mental illness and worrying about school, work - stuff that don't matter.

Submitted: June 08, 2013

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Submitted: June 08, 2013





The line seems curved to me 

My lodestar has just become a drone 

I've been here since knowing 

The candle hides in front of the Moon 


When God wants to destroy someone, he makes him insane. 


Keeper of the locker holds me down 

Reality is just round the wall 

They've put me in your brain 

Don't yet unleash your pain 


Insanity is often logic overloaded with right mind 


I cannot choose any tab 

I can't connect the dots 

My mind is empty with my breadcrumbs 

I can't dig in the back anymore, son 


Names of crazy are everywhere 


They've made a lunatic 

In the wind of the asylum games 

I didn't want to be 

Assorted piece of insanity 


Every craziness has to end, otherwise it ends in insanity, and bigger insanity than binding your mind to impossible doesn't exist. 

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