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It was in the form of a question - "How do other people view the world?". Not literary, but just have their opinion of stuff. So I decided to do this - share you my point of view... about everything, from how I see the simplest things in the morning, to how I feel regarding my deepest emotions. If you wish you could tell me your point of view, I can put it in here, or you can just share it with just me.

Submitted: October 06, 2012

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Submitted: October 06, 2012




Call me V. And yes I stole the line from Moby-Dick, but I've never read it. I am currently sitting in a bar all alone with my laptop (and a double pint of beer) and thinking where to begin from *drinks from glass*. Writing about writing ain't that original. I suppose I'll tell you a little bit about myself and what happened to me when this little idea jumped into my head *drinks from glass*.

I'm 18 years old, I like classic rock and retro music (infact "Don't worry, be happy" is playing right now the bar radio), country songs(the ones about love are probably my favourite), punk, rock-punk, irish-punk, some pop and a lot of other genres. I'm of average height (176 cm) and built, brown eyes, short black hair, a few teen pimples and a goatee *drinks from glass*. I wear mostly dark clothing, my favourite season is winter (I like the cold, also the song just changed to Always by Bon Jovi) *drinks from glass*. I used to play baseball but I'm gonna quit officaly in the next few days as I've been having some health issues (my knee is damaged - the compelte cliche for an athlete be he of any age), it hurts all the time and I get cranky *drink a lot from glass*. What else can I say about me - I like drinking, some of my friends think I'm an alcoholic (I drink a lot more when I'm love ill) *drinks from glass - first pint down*. Other things about me you'd probably learn from reading about my point of view on the world.

So I was half asleep on the desk, and I was looking at some stuff written on the desk and thought "Why the hell would somebody write some useless shit like this here?". And realised that that someone probably sees meaning in it, so I asked myself "WHY ???", but the answer was right infront of me - because we all see the world differently. And that's the way The Question came to me - "How do other people view the world?". And that's what I'm gonna try and do now, answer that small but significant question.

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