ARIES - Virtual Writer's Greek Myth Competition

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Virtual Writer 2010's Greek Myth Competition entry. :)

Submitted: September 27, 2010

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Submitted: September 27, 2010



We will win. Of course we shall; we are the ultimate ones! Gods amongst mere rats! None shall defeat us.
So as this sun rises, so will I. I'll take to my brother's skies, and rain down upon them like the arrows of justice they do not deserve.
Criminals. That's all they are in my eyes – my rightous, glorious eyes. Petty thieving rotten murdering criminals. They deserve death, yet will I grant them it immediately? No! I am Aries, God Of War. War is life, and war is suffering, and war is a profession, and war is everlasting! No, they will suffer. For hours and days, and minutes and weeks. Only then shall Hades have them. They are mine the second they step upon those fields.
Yes, mine... What a glory they shall have, to be slain by a God, and at that, me! Zeus, Hades, Posiedon, Eris... forget them. I shall claim them too, when the time is right. Now they are too strong. Even for me – the wonderful me.
How glorious war is.
With my holy spear and sacred shield, I don my helmet. The field shall be sewn with the blood of the dead, and who knows? If Hades decides to make a personal visit, I'll take him too.
I rise to the sky, extending my graceful wings and flinging my head back to scare the foe with a mighty ro-
“Aries is rising, my lord,” said the messenger bowing.
“I see...” said the warlord. He steepled his fingers, baring his grimy teeth in what should've been a smile. “Fire the ballista.”
The world – my world – has been engulfed with the dark. I lie bleeding on my land. MY land. How cruel this is. I don't want to die. I'm too young, and...

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