The Silence of Day Break

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This is based on something that happened to me when I was young...the story speaks for itself. I hope you enjoy it.

Submitted: January 27, 2008

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Submitted: January 27, 2008



It was around four in the morining and I was going on a walk outside. Being confined in my room was no fun of course, and I wanted to do something interesting for once. Clutching a knife in my right hand I cut open my window screen and jumped out. Wondering if Tyler was out yet, I scanned the area, searching for my old friend.

Tyler was my best friend, even though much older than I, we had so much in common. Unfortunatly Tyler was an orphan, abandoned by his parents when he was only five. As adventurous as Tyler was, of course he was waiting for me near the fountain.

"Hey Tyler..." I whispered, making sure that I didn't disturb anyone, which was especially hard since we lived in an apartment complex.

"Hey Bug Juice!" he whispered back, laughing a little. 'Bug Juice' was his pet name for me and I enjoyed it. I hugged Tyler tightly and took his hand. It had been at least a month since I had seen him, for my mother and father didn't approve of their eight year old daughter hanging out with a nineteen year old boy...typical. There was a rustle in the leaves and my muscles grew tense.

"Shit!" Tyler whispered, "Think it's your parents?" We were both soon greeted with a lick on the face.

"Lex!" I said laughing, as I pet my siberian husky. Lex had apparently followed me, and I only hoped my mom didn't hear anything.

"Phew! Lex you gave us a scare ol' girl!" Tyler sighed with relief, shining the flashlight on my dog. I examined his arm and I glared at him.

"What?" he asked curiously, hiding his arms behind his back.

"You have been cutting again haven't you?" I asked, grabbing his wrists. "You need to stop! It isn't good for you!" I told him. I knew Tyler was suicidal and I felt obligated to stop him from killing himself.

"Yeah..." he whispered, ashamed of his own addiction. I hugged him and began to cry, Tyler was my only reason for life. I didn't want him to die...not yet.

Tyler stroked my hair consolingly, "I'm sorry, Jackie..." he whispered as he kissed my forehead. He knew that I thought of him as an older brother.

"Tyler...please don't kill mean too much to me." I whispered behind my crystal tears. Little did I know thatn my friend Tyler wouldn't be with us much longer.

"Don't worry, I haven't thought about that for a long time.." he lied through his teeth but I didn't want to believe it. I looked at his watch and noticed an hour had gone by.

"Five A.M." I read aloud. "What time do you think we should head home?" I asked, it was after all Saturday and my parents would be sleeping late.

"I'd say somewhere thirty?" Tyler guessed. I nodded my head, shivering at the chill of the winter's wind.

We both stood up, and walked to the forest. It was a long walk, but always worth it. The forest was our own secret place, it was sincere and beautiful. We called it 'The Forest of Ice', for it was always covered in ice during winter. It was an over welming sight, so amazing it made one want to cry.
I soon realized that I had forgotten my knife near the fountain and ran back to retrieve it. When I got there, it was gone.
"Where did my knife go?!" I wondered, but I figured nobody would miss it, so I ran back to find Tyler.
"Tyler?" I called, but my friend wWe both stood up, and walked to the forest.

When I reached the middle of the forest I became frightened. Something was horribly, terribly wrong. The snow and ice turned tinted red and I could smell flesh. I ran to the place where Tyler and I always meet and to my very horror there was Tyler, stabbing himself to death.

I coudn't move, I could only cry. "TYLER WHY?!?!?! YOU PROMISED!!!" I screamed through my sobbing.
His only answer was "I love you Bug Juice......and always have." I set him in my lap and he died right then and there. I hugged his corpse and cried through my hazel eyes.
" promised wouldn't..." I cried. Soon I realized that I was nothing without Tyler and I, myself, held up the knife to my throat and before I slit it I wrote in the snow with Tyler's blood:
He was my muse and I am nothingwithout him, and so I must end my own life, as he did his his own.

A few moments of screaming, then all was black.

The End.

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