This is your knife (warning:this is very morbid)

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this is about an insane but minor girl who murdered a man that she thought was her close friend whom one day told her she would never amount to anything and that she might as well kill herself

Submitted: December 12, 2007

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Submitted: December 12, 2007



I have these sentences of yours,

running through my head

The sound of your voice was merely the dagger to my heart

For when you told me to drop dead,

I felt a sudden pain

And when you told me tobe usefulas you handed me a knife,

I was sure to go insane

A single movement,a single stroke of the knife you gave to me

was the only answer i could have possibly given to thee

How could it have come to this my friend?

I guess I'll never know

But soon you will leave my memories

And and soon you will exit my thoughts

As I stab the knife into your wretched heart
I can only clarify

that it was your knife

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