The Theory of Teenage Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

the recounts of a bestfriend watching her friend fall in love

Day One: The Game
She has another new boyfriend. I am sure keen on finding out where she meets them, certainly not at school, these boys are way too immature for her liking. I know what the course of this relationship is going to be. In exactly 15 minutes she will text me non-stop about how cute, how funny, how perfect he is. In one week she will tell him she loves him. In one month it will be all over and I will be the shoulder who will soak up her tears.

Teenage love, the crime of passion.

Why does she do this to herself? She knows of the consequences, she knows of the tears, the misunderstandings. Is it written in our DNA to help enforce this cliché of broken hearts, dreams, and minds (if your delusional enough to believe in that high-school sweethearts plotline)? I for one would never take that step, but the fascination still remains. That for some odd reason we fall straight into the hands of that daunting road block called relationships. Though we’ve touched the fire and burnt ourselves,  we keep returning to see if the flames can still melt our flesh, like the silly ‘indestructible’ teenagers we are.

My cell phones chimes, the royal trumpets of her majesty, let the games begin.
Sarah! I’m hitched! He’s soooo amazingly amazing! I think this is the one, this one is for sure!
I fake my enthusiasm (the ease of lying has developed with technology) and wish her luck on her new endeavour. I feel like a horrible friend, not warning her of the knife loaming over her heart, but who judges her happiness now, compared to the soon clouds of black despair in a months time?

Maybe this whole fiasco of falling in love is just a delusion of the heart.  Like bungy jumping, once you are falling the feeling is euphoric, you are happy, not even gravity can stop you and this feeling. However eventually the rope will tighten and gravity must win the fight, no one can fall forever. Perhaps this is why love can never last, because gravity must win. Reality must win. Maybe the only thing we can control is not our search for the one who can keep us happy forever, but who can keep us falling for the longest until the ropes must be cut, and you drop into the depths of the waiting ocean.

Day Two: The Winnings
In class, she is talking about how life is perfect for her, it’s only been one day. She seems happy, her eyes glisten with adoration for this boy she calls her world. Texting during class, writing down notes and thoughts of him to give to him later. All I can do is smile. I will not murder her happiness, and if I did, who is to say she will believe me? People who fall in love are foolish for love.

Teenage love is influenced by who will make our friends drool. Jealousy is a powerful emotion, people are addicted to the need of having someone jealous of them. To her deluded mind, she believes this isn’t true. However, if you were to ask a typical teenaged girl what attributes would be important to have when choosing  a potential boyfriend, most would say they must have good looks, or in teenaged terms,
“They have to be like soooo hot!“
The toy is only wanted when there is competition for it, this consequently results in jealousy.

Those barriers are finally coming down and she is opening herself up to this other human, this is her feeling of falling in love for her. That sudden rush when she is finally able to be intimate with him, learning about this other human who makes her stomach jump and flutter at the same time. She begins planning her life with him, creating fantasies of Sunday lunches, Christmas dinners, children names, things she believe she will have with this boy. Her life begins shaping and moulding to accompany his life, his importance comes before keeping her own limbs (that is, if the situation arises..). She is peering over the edge of the diving board causing that first sudden feeling of your stomach dropping, the excitement caused by the unstoppable taste of the first jump. She is overcoming her separateness to the world by deluding herself that this boy will help fill her self-conscious hole, therefore will create happiness that will be a constant fuel in her life forever.

Week One: Jealousy?
Today’s topic: How adorably cute her boyfriend is.

His eyes, his hair, even to his pinkie.. All seem to stir her growing love for him. I have gotten my calculations wrong, she wants to take things slow with this one, she wants to make it last.

Maybe one day I will give her some insight of the true meaning of love, that love can never exist as long as we are wanting, fantasising about those specific attributes; oh I want a man who is funny, good looking, polite … How do we know these attributes are what will make us happy for the rest of our lives?

That is what love is suppose to do, to provide us never scarce happiness,  isn’t that why we require a contract of lifetime commitment? So if we are judgmental in whom we love, then we are selfish lovers. That boy could have been your one true love, but because he did not have the right hair cut, or that his manners weren’t of a 15th century king, you did not give him a second look.

So as long as we go into the world searching for love with pre-requisites, then we are blinded to those who can truly provide a ‘lifetime supply of happiness.’ Maybe that is why we have so many cliché books surrounding this theory with the girl who falls in love with the most unlikeliest boy. This idea of blinded by love due to our own selfishness has surrounded us all along. That since we have been so distracted trying to find that one person, we have not realised why we have failed.

Week One: (Wednesday)

“So, do you love him?”
“Yeah, I think so...”
“Are going to tell him?”
“Huh, yea… Yup, tonight!”
“Be careful.”

Week Two: The Fight
She is crying, they have just experienced their first fight. Tension between them is high and I must mediate between the two suspects. She did this, he did that, she txted this, he didn’t txt back, the cat got the mouse, the mouse got the cat.

This is her stage of where she begins to pick fights to test his loyalties to her. Girls are insecure so they are forever telling those around them I am fat, I am not pretty, I am stupid In expectants of an absolute rejection to their statement with the casual are not! If you are this, then I am that  (which are highly advertised through Disney movies..) . It is a maze of cruel reverse-psychology caused by the need to be embraced with compliments while keeping the mist of modesty. The girl expects the boy to orbit around her, siding with her in arguments and reassuring her that she is the Scarlet Johanson in his eyes. Once a boy does not meet these daily quotas the girl desperate -but this is covered by her façade of anger. Though girls may seem to be independent in hope it will cause the dreamed unlimited infatuation with her, inside she is desperately needing him to help ease away the creases of her insecurities. This is how the first fight begins, over the boy’s inability to ease away her insecurities because he has grown too tired and too lazy to do so.

I comfort her with my hugs and my food, telling her all will be right soon. She drones on about their love and her unbounded tumbled apologises she has confessed to him. Soon a text will be spared and all will be right. He feels a sense of boredom without her, her ignition of energy she releases is addictive. He is a moth to her flame and will be under her spell until he to realises that those flames can burn your very touch.

Week Three: Share the Love
They have finally bloomed into their perfect state. However, conversation is dying between them like the soon passing summer, and winter will soon engulf them in a dark cold night of her droning on about her new pair of jeans . They need something to entertain them, to carry on the conversation. They seek an outlet of their wisdom obtained by being in such a ‘long’ relationship. To set their unity in stone rather than on the trunk of a tree becomes my friend‘s next goal. This is usually involved with planning a holiday together, however in this case it involves me….and his best friend. The date is settled and I go along with their devious (they think secret) plan only because I know there is only a week left til this all evaporates. It is easily spotted that they have thoroughly stressed every detail of this night, down to what type of water everyone will drink (note my sarcastic enthusiasm). I make humble and polite conversation, my friend believes she can wave her matchmaking wand and force a relationship between us. I know in the week to come all she will talk about is how perfectly matched him and I would be, and how well it would fit in her ‘Aryan’ ten-year plan.

The first sign that the relationship is completing it’s last scene is shown through my friend’s example. With their own adventure of experiencing another’s life -learning about their personality and their very make as a human being- ending, they find the need to create a new adventure for them to travel (as pointedly shown, girls usually are the domineer in relationships).  The feeling created through this partnership is like of an endorphin, pulsing in time to the excitement aroused by this ‘adorable’ partnership, and running dry when it ends.
The more the merrier they say.

Week Four: Final Destination
Soon there is nothing more to share and the adventure evaporates into each other‘s heartbroken tears. She misses that sudden fear of vertigo and that feeling of being one with that fear, free-falling into another boy’s arms. Her eyes cry the weeks and days of love she believed she felt, mixed in with the feeling of abandonment.

“I’m not ready for a relationship, the love is gone.”

Her need for self assurances sprouts from these very roots. With every relationship ending in tears, a piece of that person is torn.  ‘Like covalent bonding between atoms,’ teenagers experience the same type of need or they too become ‘unstable.’ This is why love is so addictively charming at this age, because with every heartbreak, a wound is left for the next person to repair. If we were to stay clear away of relationships and love itself, we would seem more intact. Contempt isn’t a difficult way of life, just an empty one. Life can be lived with absolute highs and absolute lows opposed to plain contempt, and I tell this to my breaking friend. She chose to live her life with climaxes and dips, therefore with every point of light she experiences tears must be shed. She smiled back at me and called me weird in a wallflower sort of way, I can live with that.
In the recovery of this earthquake all  I am able to do is wait for her to find another boy whom she will repeat this cycle with. Maybe that is life planned for us at our age, that we should all just enjoy life as it is and the people who walk into it. That teenage love doesn’t exist, that we can only love the very idea of that person, not the person itself. Love is undefinable difficult to comprehend, we can’t expect to provide a drop of blood or a DNA sample to determine wither or not we are in love. Happiness is the base of full accomplishment in life received through love. If we were to receive full accomplishment in life at such a young age, such as a teenager, then what is the purpose of life at all?

Hey, how is she?
Still crying over you.
I didn’t mean to hurt her…
I know it’s for the best.
I love you.
I love you too.

The butterflies’ pas de deux  in my stomach drawing the waiting curtains close. I never intended to end in such a way, love - like I said was so far from my life’s prospectus and goals - became the sudden rush which flooded my very senses. Like Clara, I woke up one day with the nutcracker in my hands and Christmas falling with every flake, every miracle, and beating proudly in my heart.
He is perfection, he is amazing, he completes me, he is my true love.

Submitted: May 16, 2010

© Copyright 2022 IWouldOfMarriedYouInVegas. All rights reserved.

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Miss Becca

That was a rather unexpected twist! I love that ending, even if it took a little while to get there. Nicely done. :)

Sun, May 16th, 2010 10:40pm

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