The zookeepers 2

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A girl talks to an alien

Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011



Shit I want to eat wha \"said Kate as she woke up. Holy shit what happened 'said kate. She looked around and saw she was on a bed in a small room with nothing in it except the bed. CLICK! The door opened and in came the man with the gun. I am sorry if this may disturb you but sorry 'he said. What do you mean? Kate said. The man ripped his clothes and skin off revealing his red skin. What the fuck? Kate said. I am sorry to scare you young girl ' he said. Where am I? Kate said. In my space shuttle ' the man said. Wait are you an alien? Kate asked. To you yes ' he said. Why am I here then? Kate asked. To come to my home planet and be in our zoos. He said. I am not going to be in your zoo! Kate shouted. Yes you will. The man said. Okay at least tell me where Emily is. Kate said. She is in another room. He answered. Where is the bathroom? I have to piss! Kate said. Bathroom. Said the man. Yes it's where I shit or piss. Kate said. I don't have bathrooms here but you can do what you want in that bag. The man said. Fine I will. Kate said. She walked over and pulled her shorts and panties down. Exposing her ass and pussy. What are those? The man asked. This is my vagina and this is my ass. Kate said. Kate took a shit in the bag and sat back on the bed. So when do we arrive. Kate asked. 2 days. The man said. You never told me your name. Kate said. It's bleg. He said as he left and locked the door. This has got to be a dream. Kate said. Wait what is that? She said looking at her armpit. Holy shit!!!! She screamed as she looked at the clump of hair under her arm. I guess I will ask bleg later she said as she layed on the bed and passed out.

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