Zookeepers 4

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A girl enters an alien zoo and meets a boy

Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011



Two more people like bleg walked up and put a collar around kate's neck and walked her into a room. Where are we? She asked. Your new home. Bleg answered. She was in a metal cage with a fence around it. This is your cage. Bleg told her. Fine where is Emily? She asked. She is still being transformed. Bleg answered. Into what? She asked. You will see later. Bleg answered. Bleg and the guards walked out and a 17 year old cat/human like her was thrown in. Hi. She said to him. Whaaaaa. He said in a daze. He looked at her and was surprised to see her naked. Sorry! they took my clothes. Kate said. Well if your naked I will be to. The man said as he stripped down. What is your name? It's Kate what's yours? It's Luke. Nice to meet you Luke. Luke finished getting undressed and looked at Kate. Are you a virgin? He asked. Yes. She answered. Want to change that? Luke asked. Ummmm sure. Kate answered. Ok. Luke said as he pushed kate against the wall inserting himself into Kate. Ready? He asked stroking her hair. Yes thrust into me. Luke thrust in as kate screamed in pleasure. LUKE! LUKE! That's great!!! Kate screamed. While thrusting luke was also sucking kate's tits. OH GOD! That's great. Kate said. They both fell asleep kissing each other. Maybe this won't be so bad with luke. Kate thought as she fell asleep.

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