Zookeepers 5

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A girl escapes an alien zoo to save her planet

Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011



Kate woke up in a new room with bleg. Other zoos are jelous of you they want to know where to find humans. Bleg said. I cannot let that happen. He continued. What are you going to do? Kate asked. Send a virus to wipe out your kind. Bleg answered. WHAT!!!! Kate screamed. No yelling you are going back. Bleg said. Bleg hit her with a stick and she fainted. Ahhhhh. Kate moaned. Luke shook her awake and told her they took her away for awhile. Kate then told Luke of bleg's plan. We have to escape. She finally said. Ok I can pick the lock and we can escape to a spaceship. Luke said. Not without emily. Kate said. Okay fine let's go. Luke picked the lock and they entered a hall. Luke picked out a door saying human storage and opened it. Inside was two naked humans two girls and two half human bears. One bear had a penis so he was a guy but they could not see the crotch of the other bear. The bear stood up and said. KATE! Emily? Yeah I'm here. Said Emily. We have to leave Kate said. As she said that she ran out the door followed by the others. Everyone got on except Luke. Luke stopped looked up at Kate and dropped with a knife stuck in his back. LUKE!!!!! Kate screamed as they lifted off. Emily walked up to Kate. Come on. She said. They both walked into the main part of the ship heading home again. P.S. This is not over i will finish the rest in a few days

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