The Trip

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
The story of my trip that takes an unexpected turn.

Submitted: August 03, 2009

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Submitted: August 03, 2009



I'm going far away
to see some much missed sights.
I think I shall be gone
for many days and nights.

I am now in Middle Earth.
I'm starting from Bag End.
I'm off to help Frodo destoy the Ring
because I am his friend.

From Rivendell to Minas Morgul,
by many dangers we've been greeted,
but with hobbit strength and hobbit will
Sauron will be defeated.

I'm arriving now on an island,
a most peculiar place!
You'll never guess who I ran into here.
None other than Charlie Pace.

He told me about the plane crash.
He told me about his old band,
and while he's doing all of this
he's holding onto my hand.

The gates of Camelot open up.
I see Merlin waiting for me.
He runs up and hugs me, he says
"The castle's great! You have to come see!"

Merlin teaches me magic.
I really do love him so.
Being with Merlin, Arthur and friends,
I never want to go!

Dr. Reid glances at me from time to time.
I guess it's just what he does.
I don't mind, because I think
he's the greatest profiler there ever was.

I like Reid because he is
incredibly funny and smart,
and though he won't say it, the team and I know it-
I'll always be in his heart.

This trip that I'm on
is the greatest time of my life,
free of anger,
sadness and strife.

With all the places I've been,
and all the people I've met,
I get the feeling that
my whole life is set.

I've had so many good things happen,
my joy cannot be mistaken!
Then all out of nowhere, and I don't know how,
I have been awakened.

My eyes are open, but I can't see them.
My eyes don't need to heal.
I'm slowly beginning to realize
that none of it was real.

My happiness, destroyed.
My dreams freshly shattered.
I don't want to face the facts,
but none of it even mattered.

I hate this moment; I want it to end.
I don't think I'll ever heal.
But like it or not, I must face the truth.
They will never be real.

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