My Vampiric Rebirth

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A poem that can only be explain as me

Submitted: November 14, 2010

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Submitted: November 14, 2010



"My mind is blank, my words . . . meaningles . . . useless . . . Unwanted dreams and hopes rush to my thoughts as I slowly lose conciousness.Panting and blockingPain and sound and darkness.  The humm of thoughts buzzing round and round, getting louder and louder..."


"Everythings quiet . . . . Why?  Have the thoughts giveen up?  Do they leave me at peace?"

-looks around the padded cell-

"Where have i ended up?  Because of the maddness i'm here . . . . Locked away . . . . It's to quiet . . . ."

-A dark figure appears, walking towards me with a weapon-

"Who are you?  Do you come to help?  Do you come to kill?-It stops a foot away, lookinging over me, removing it's veil of darkness.  "I am your protector, your strength, your wisdom, and your death," he says. "If you wish to live your path will change.  Your body as well as your mind. You'll become stronger, wiser, faster, and things will become alot easier for you than most."-

"How is that possible," I say as I look him over, noticing that he was rather tall, and slightly thin.

-"I'm going to make you mine."  Then he takes his blood blade, stabbing it through my heart and smiles wickedly.  "You are mine, and mine alone.  No one is to touch you, my beloved...."-

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