What are We Now?

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Why must you beat me down for me to know that i'm stronger than you?

Submitted: April 27, 2012

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Submitted: April 27, 2012




I’ve got that!

You ask?

I answer!

Shout out my name,

I’ll do your bidding!


I yell at you.

Do you care?

You take your hand

And you strike me!

Once, twice,

Three times!

I snap at you

For the first time,

Breaking your arm as well as your hold on me.

A collar of servitude

You’d wrapped around my throat.


You stumble and fall.

Where is that strength you used to beat me down?

Where are the names you called me while you pulled my hair?

I’ve awoken now,

And I have seen who I truly am.

You don’t control me,

So what are we now?

You’ll ask me questions,

And I’ll answer from my memories of past lives.

You look me in the eye,

Denial quivering through your frame,

As you succumb to the reality

And finally bow down to me.

“I’ll be your chevalier,

And never move from your side,”

You swear upon your life.

With my advantage,

I knock you down.

“I don’t need you.

Not anymore,

My almost lover

And most hated, old, friend.”

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