Beautiful Boy

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Ever fallen in love with someone who you thought you could count on, who would love you back - but you found them running instead?

Submitted: February 14, 2010

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Submitted: February 14, 2010



The midnight lantern
Little bodies flashing in the summer’s heat
The night is young
The heat is drowning me
Without you here
The world stops
The pain begins
My dreams suffer
While I have you
I ask if I may hold you
While I dream of tomorrow
Beyond the grave
I hope and pray
That tomorrow will shine
The sun on your smile
Of diamonds
The kiss of a lover
Leaves one stranded
Stranded in the ocean
Emotions running high in fever
Breaking into a sweat
I’ll call for you
Why would you leave me
With a kiss upon my lips
As if you were afraid
Tomorrow would come
And you would wake to me
And find yourself falling
Please don’t bottle my lightning
Don’t make the angels stop singing
I need to know I’m sane
Need to know you’re with me
Through everything
Through the pain
Through the laughter
And hatred
I can promise forever
If you promise a kiss
A kiss goodnight
And a smile every morning
A wedding in the winter
In the spring
And fall
Would please me
Would it please you?
If I asked you to come away,
Would you?
A promise of tomorrow
Of forever
Could only be a dream
Of a beautiful boy ready to run
All gorgeous girls know
That beautiful boys
Only run
When they are in love

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