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When you love someone, but you can't feel anything but fear for it.

Submitted: March 04, 2010

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Submitted: March 04, 2010



What happens when your chest is empty?

When your heart has been taken?

How are we supposed to feel when we know we’ve been trapped?

When we’ve become today’s Tin-man…

When the tears won’t fall

When your heart can’t break

Call me with your sorrows

Sing to me

I will find you

I will send you an angel of Hope

And pray you hear my thoughts

They consist of only you

I dare you to call on me

To lift yourself and find me

Follow your un-breakable heart

Until you find the day you feel

I have crossed the world many times

To find your eyes smiling

Holding tomorrow

Holding a picture of us

Spinning on the edge of the world

The ecstasy overcomes me

And I fall into your arms

Fall into your skin

Throw my heart against the wall

Watch as it shatters

Like a falling tear bursting against your skin

If I have you, then I have life

No longer afraid

Break away with me

Throw the antidote into your box

Of stow-away memories

Spin me ‘round

On the edge of tomorrow

Where nothing is guaranteed

And everything is us

© Copyright 2019 Iza Loren. All rights reserved.

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