In a Flick of a Lightswitch

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Submitted: March 24, 2016

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Submitted: March 24, 2016



“ Wake up Indigo, you’re going to be late for school.” Mom yelled up the stairs.

I woke up startled not knowing what was going on. In my brain I thought it was Saturday but nope it had to be Thursday.

“ Okay mom, I’ll be downstair in a minute.”

I had to get up, get dressed, and do my hair, and school started in 30 minutes. I already missed the bus so my mom has to drive me, and she drives like an old lady.

I got out of bed grabbed my light blue, blue jeans, my white and navy striped v-neck, and my favorite white lace scarf. I almost forgot to do my hair. i brushed my long brown hair and put it up in a bun. I secured it with as many bobby-pins I could find. Then I ran down the stairs and put on my socks and my white Converse.

“ I’m ready!” I yelled.

I grabbed my Galaxy backpack and ran to my mom’s Silver Honda Civic.

When I came back home from school my mom was already asking me what I did and if I learned that day. I usually snap back at her saying, “ Mom, school is for learning why would I not be learning if i’m at school?” Then after I snap at her with my usual comment I go upstairs to my room the do homework or study for a test, or something along those lines. Today I have Algebra, Social Studies, and I have to finish up a project for Science which is due tomorrow.

I finished my homework and had time to do anything I wanted before I had to eat dinner. Because i’m a geek I got on my XBox and played Call of Duty II. It was almost time for dinner when I heard a scream coming from my brothers room. I heard my parents run up to see what was the matter. I also was wanting to see what it was.

“ There was someone at my window, they were watching me.” My brother told us.

No one ever believes him because he’s always lying about something. For example, yesterday he said he didn’t eat my blue Jolly Ranchers when everyone could see that he did ate them. His mouth was BRIGHT blue. But this time I believed him because this has also happened to me. But I thought its was just a hallucination, but now I know that I was not a hallucination. This creeped me out. Is there a creepy stalker in our town?

Dinner was cold when we went downstairs to eat, We ended up throwing dinner away and ordering pizza. After we ate it was time for bed. I had a hard time sleeping. I didn’t have a good feeling in my stomach, I felt sick. Then finally I fell asleep.

In the middle of the night I awoke to a loud scream coming from my neighbor's house. I woke up my parents and told them what I heard. My father slowly walked down the large staircase and out the door. He went to go knock on the neighbor's door but it was already open.

“ That’s odd, they never leave their front door open.” He told to himself. He went to turn on the lights but they wouldn’t turn on. He grabbed the the neighbors sons baseball bat that he had left on their front porch, he walked inside. Thankfully he had a flashlight.

“ Hello, is anybody home?” The house was silent. He walked upstairs into the master bedroom and saw two dead bodies lying on the floor. They were the bodies of Rosa and Joe Velveteen. He went to go pick Rosa up to bring her outside but, my father just woke up he was weak and tired. Instead he ran down the stairs and out the door. Mother was standing outside waiting to hear the news.

“ Is that blood on your shirt?” Mother asked.

“Yes it is, but it’s not mine, it’s Rosa’s. Call the ambulance, now!” Father replied. He forgot about the neighbors son, Johnny. He was still inside.

The ambulance arrived and searched the house, to see if Johnny was still alive. Sadly they found him lying dead in his bedroom.

Mother was sitting on the front porch, processing what just happened. There was a killer a couple months ago that went into people's backyards and killed other people’s pets. But there has never been a person in the neighborhood that would kill people. When the ambulance left and took the neighbors with them, I was thinking about that creepy stalker that has been wandering around the neighborhood.

All that month I keep seeing visions of human shaped figures that would walk around my house watching me. I told my parents about the figures but they didn’t believe me, they thought I was scared that the killer would come and strike again but this time… us, but my worst fear was that they thought I was crazy. They took me to councilor to see if they could find out what’s wrong with me. Every month I would get a new councilor, because those councilors never knew that was wrong.

Later that year I awoke to a whisper coming from outside my door it said,

“ Should we kill it? Or should we just leave it alone.” After I heard that I was very scared, and that whoever that was would leave my parents and me alone. I thought I was just hearing things again. I tried to fall back asleep when I heard my door creak open and someone saying,

“ Awe, look how cute it is, can we kill it?”

“No, Harry just leave it alone , it can still live, remember?” I heard the two voices. I thought they were talking about my pet chinchilla, Pipsqueak. As they were talking I heard a name,”Harry.”

I didn’t hear anything...  no scream, nothing, the house was just quite, but was it just a dream or was it real? Only way to find out is to get up  and go into my mother and father’s room. I got up and slowly walked into the hallway. It was so quiet that I could hear the wood floors creaking. As I opened the door, my parents were lying in bed. It looked like they were asleep. I tried to wake them up but I couldn’t. I pulled the covers off of them and I saw what no child should ever see. I saw my parents, lying dead in their bed, blood everywhere, but it was only on the bed. There was no blood on the floor, not even a drop. It looked like they were stabbed, not shot, but stabbed.

I ran to the phone, but as I ran everything became dark and the world around me started to swirl. I saw a figure come out in the middle of nowhere. It didn’t look human It was a shape of a Grim reaper with an old, black cloak. But it didn’t have a normal skull, it’s skull look like a skull of a ram. Was I dying?

“ Who are you?” I asked the creature.

“ I am Olwen, the creator of Saffron.” “And you’re Indigo, i’m guessing?” Olwen replied. His voice was soft and comforting.

“ I am Indigo Nyx.” I didn’t even acknowledge  how he knew my name “ And  why do you come to Earth?” I answered.

“ I come here to help you.”

“ Help me, with what?”

“ I’m going to help you to find who killed your parents.”

” But I already know one of their names. His name is, Harry.” I told him.

“ That doesn’t help much, there’s a lot of people with name Harry.” Olwen replied. “You have to come with me to Saffron so we can talk more about what just happened.”

“ But I don’t even know you.” I told him

“ I’ll tell you about me when we get to Saffron. I don’t have much time.” Olwen said.

“ I’m so confused” I replied

Olwen sprinkled strange looking powder on me which made me pass out. Olwen picked me up, and him and I teleported to Saffron.



“ Where am I?” I asked. Olwen walked into the room.

“ You are in Saffron, I said I didn’t have much time you had to make that decision then. You took so long that I just poured the teleportation dust on you.  I’m sorry, but you had no choice. And I also sprinkled some sleeping dust that I got from the Time King on you to get you to pass out.” Olwen answered.

“ But what about my home, people are going to think i’m missing.”

“ Don’t worry I have one of my helpers on that, They can look and act just like anybody, like you for instance, my helper Ember is disguised as you, so you don’t seem missing.”

“ Wow, this place is pretty cool, how do you do all of this? Can you make a dust that can bring my parents back to life?”

“ Sorry, but no, we have tried for many years to bring back the King of Tallon and we had no luck.”

“ Why do all of your people have weird names?”

“ They’re not weird they’re just… unique, and if you want,  you can come with me to see the wizard that makes the dust and potions. Maybe you can make one, They’re very nice creatures.”

“Creatures?” I questioned

“ Yes we call our people creatures like you call your people humans.”

“ Okay, just curious.”

We walked outside into Saffron. It was so beautiful. There was trees, flowers, berry bushes, and more than you could imagine. The trees where a golden yellow with a couple of orange leaves here and there. The flowers were not like Earth's flowers at all, They had purple petals with white middles. And the berry bushes where all medium green with different colored berries on them. I went to go grab a berry off of the bush but Olwen stopped me.

“ What are you thinking?!” Olwen shouted.

“ Their just ber….” Olwen cut me off.

“ Just berries! JUST BERRIES! They’re not just berries Indigo. They are Zully’s berries. If she sees you eating her youth berries she would be very upset and turn you into a snail, a turtle, or a frog.”

“ Sorry, I didn’t know…..” Olwen cut me off, again.

“ZIP,ZORP,STOP,” Said Olwen,

“And also in the land of Saffron we do not apologize we get over it and let it go, and that better not have been attitude that I heard!” Olwen exclaimed.  “If you have attitude with me take it up with Zully, like I said she will turn you into some kind of snail or something.”

“ Why do you have such a good connection with Zully” I asked politely, he answered

“She is my daughter and we all live in my kingdom.”

“ Me and my father have never got along like that. I barely talked to him.” I told him.

“ That’s sad, Zully and I always get along we mostly play games with each other.”

“ I wish I did that with my father, before he… he… he.” I started to cry. I saw the visions again, but, this time I saw my dead parents. Then I tripped over my foot and fell. I was starting to get dizzy. I was able to tell Olwen a few words,

“ Olwen... the visions... they’re back.”


I woke up in a silver Honda Civic, it was like my mom’s car. I got out of the car. I could see that I was wearing all black and had a knife on my hip. I walked up to the door, and picked the lock. I couldn’t control my body, I tried but I just couldn’t. There was a figure behind me.

“ Who are you?” I asked

“ Are you joking i’m your, as you called me your sidekick, Harry.”  he rolled his eyes at me. I jumped at the name, Harry, oh my gosh that’s the person that was in my house. I couldn’t do anything I just keep picking the lock until I finally got it opened. I walked inside and heard my chinchilla rattling the cage I went to go run to my room but I couldn’t. I couldn’t control myself.

I walked slowly and quietly to the room we both looked in it when Harry started to whisper something to me.

“ Awe, look how cute it is? “ Should we kill it? Or should we let it live.” I spoke back. I didn’t want to but I did.

“ No, Harry, just leave it alone, we’re only here for the parents.” I can’t believe I said that. I wasn’t acting like I usually do. Why would I kill my parents? We kept walking down the hall, until we got to my parents bedroom. I opened the door and my parents were sound asleep. Harry walked over to my mom’s side of the bed and I did the same but on my father’s side. We both killed my parents, I wanted to look away but I couldn’t. Then we prided opened the window and got out.

“What do we do know?” Harry asked me.

“Run” I said. We ran I didn’t know what to do I was being controlled. We probably ran a mile, before we stopped. We stopped at a gas station.

“ Come on Harry get inside, I have to get some stuff.” Harry looked confused. I didn’t even know why we were here. Was I going to kill more people?.

“ What are we doing here.” Harry asked. I wanted to know this myself.

I responded ,“ I found this abandoned gas station and I thought we could use it, as our hide out.” Something was going on. How did I find this place?  What’s inside? I had no idea what was going to happen, can I just go back home?



“ Olwen!” I yelled. I was not outside anymore, I was in a what looked like a tree. Everything in there was wood, the floor, the walls, and the table that I was laying on.

“ Time, she’s awake.” Olwen yelled up the wooden stair. I heard loud clanks of shoes walking down the steps.

“ Indigo, are you okay? You were passed out for hours. What happened? What made you pass out?” Olwen keep asking me questions. I didn’t even know what happened.

“ Olwen, the visions are back.” I now had a huge headache. It felt like someone was hitting my head with a rubber mallet. “ I was in my house but I wasn’t asleep in my bed I was.. I was… I was the murder. I did it, I killed them.” I started to cry. Olwen rapped his huge arms around me .

“ You’re okay, you didn’t do it, I was watching you all night. I promise you it wasn’t you.” Olwen told me.

“ I just want to go home, with my parents. That’s all I want. I want to be happy, again.” I explained.

“ Time, can you help her?” Olwen asked the Time King.

“ Well, I can get her back home and, I can try to set the time back so she would be in the past, so she has time to catch the murders which means that her parents could still be alive.” the Time King told Olwen. I jumped up and hugged the Time King and Olwen.

“ Olwen, that’s perfect, I could call the police. Or I could wake up and scare the murders away.” I was so happy the hear this news. My parent could still be alive, I just thought of something, my brother. What happened to him? My annoying little brother. I need to find him, too.

“ Olwen when can we start? I need to get back home, when can I get back home to my parents, and my brother?” I told him.

“ I don’t know, I’ll have to ask Time, he has to set it to the right time to go back to, and he has to get you teleported back to your house, but as I know it may take awhile.” Olwen’s voice was smooth, it helped me calm down. I was to excited to get back home, and see my house and my neighbors. Wait my neighbors, Joe, Rosa, and Johnny.

“ Hey, Time, I have a question about when I get back home, can I get back maybe in April, because that was when my neighbors were killed.” I kept asking Time about when I get home. But he never answered me. “ Hello... Time... are you there… Hey Time… over here.”

“ Yes child what do need?” Times voice was really calm, even calmer than Olwens.

“ When can I get back home? To my family? “ I probably told him this three times before he answered me.

“ My child, calm down, I will get my potions done soon, go sleep, my child.” I wasn’t tired but Olwen took me up stair to a cot and I fell fast asleep.

I woke up, but I was in my own bed. I heard a scream coming from my brother’s room. I was so happy to hear that scream, that meant the it was April because that scream happened a couple hours  before the murder at the neighbor's house.

“Thank you Time, you’ve helped me a lot.” I said to the air. But I knew that he was there, somewhere. My parents ran up the stairs to see what was the matter, but this time, my parents called the police. Well the police were arriving they saw two men running. They caught up with the two men.

“ What are you doing out here in the dark?” One of the officers asked the men.

“ Let me see your I.D,” the other officer asked the men. The men pulled out their I.D’s but as one of the men pulled his out a knife which had blood on it fell out of his pocket.

“ Really Harry, I told you to hide that knife.” The other man slapped Harry. The officers grabbed them both and put them in handcuffs.

“ You are both going to jail, for murder. You will both have a life sentence.”  The officer told them.

The police came to our house 20 minutes later.

“ Hello officers,” my mother politely said. “ My son says that he saw a man looking through his window.” She continued. Can I see your son for a minute.

“ What’s your name?”  the officer asked my brother.

“ My name is Paxson. I saw a man look into my window and I screamed and then he left.

“ Is this what he looked like?” he showed my brother the two men’s I.D’s

“ Yes that’s him,” my brother read the man’s name, “ His name is Gunny Sharp?”

“ Yes, him and the other man are both going to jail for the rest of their lives.” the other officer told my family.

The next day I was watching the news when there was news about the two killers.

“Gunny Sharp, and Henry Quelt both have a life sentence in jail for murdering…” I shut off the tv. Hearing their names give me a headache, I wonder if Olwen can help with that.

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