The Rocking Horse Winner

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Submitted: January 17, 2012

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Submitted: January 17, 2012



Short Story

This critical review is about the short story “ The Rocking Horse Winner”. This story displays the issues of self worth and social classes, which can be combined to be thought of as the main ideas but ideally this story is just about a boy trying to make his mom happy.

First off this story has examples of social classes.(pg.1 “Although they lived in style, they felt always an anxiety in the house. There was never enough money.”). This statement’s about how they survive and it doesn’t sound as if their in dire trouble but for them the existence of anxiety is damaging the healthiness and happiness of their family. Also a social class example is (pg.1“because we’re the poor members of the family”)this statement about where their “slot” in the family is. The mom being who she is a wife who works at home. She is speaking to her son about the worth or placing of their family in their community, it not bad that she is truthful to her son but her raw representation shows that she abruptly feels this and it irritates her at least a little bit.

Second, there is the factor of self worth.(pg.9“ I’ll do what you like mother, so long as you don’t send me away till after the derby”) the son doesn’t see himself as his own person but only a slave because he wouldn’t be thinking of serving his mom but being the son in the relation ship because he doesn’t know his own self worth this still doesn’t come in even at the end of the story at his death because it is selflessness driven by ambitions to please his mom instead of his self. Another example of the examination of people’s self worth is the son’s take on things “ I’m a lucky person” he sees and acknowledges there is such of a thing as luck and he chooses not to give up and say nothing will work for him he is lucky but in the story he doesn’t just say it he achieves it actually has what we can see as “luck”.

This story has these two elements of social classes and self worth portrayed mostly by the child in this story and through the examples shown here it is easily seen that these people through the story examine their self and they don’t see much I hope the examples and the explanation clearly show these two themes.

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