Life is full of loss.

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Opposites never attracted. Somehow if they attract, bad things end up happening.

Submitted: June 12, 2011

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Submitted: June 12, 2011



Waking up every day, with the same regret and same shame from the night before was starting to become a burden heavier then I could carry all on my own. Every day, and every night, was the same thing all over again. I would end up in a fight with my best friend over silly reasons. We could never really trust each other after each fight. And no matter how hard we tried, we always would end up separating.

Of course, everything in the beginning was okay. Love and happiness. Promises and a future. We would stay up late talking to each other. We would make promises to stay with each other no matter what. We would tease each other. But the teasing got to a point where neither one could no longer see it as teasing, but rather hurt. You could call someone jealous on accident, and they would take it seriously. Pranks were like taboo. No longer allowed and if dealt with, watch out.

We would always try to save each other, but nothing would ever work. We'd just end up in another nasty fight. About after a few months of getting closer, that's when it all went absolutely haywire. We could no longer share secrets, or loves, pains, tears, or even smiles. The simplest \"Hello, love\" in his British accent would make me want to walk away quickly. The simplest \"Hello, Koala Bear\" from I would make him frown down on me. Every time someone was in pain, they would have to bottle it up until it was too late. They would explode on the other one, and let them know with all their fury. No one could ever predict when the other would explode and let go, because it was always unpredictable. If someone wanted to share a love of theirs, they would have to hold it back. The other one would always get jealous and/or mad.

All the dreams and wishes and secrets I told him, I could no longer bring up, for fear he would laugh or tell someone else. His family, probably looked down on me. My family shunned his. It was like Romeo and Juliet's story. I was Juliet, he was my Romeo. Sadly, I wasn't his Juliet. And it wasn't forbidden love, it was forbidden friendship. We made promises to always try and survive until we were old enough to be able to let go easily. He would always be there to support me academically and emotionally, and I would be there to support him in whatever I could.

My British boy, if you somehow see this, know that no matter what happens in the end, no matter how much I say it, I will never regret my time with you and when I met you. You were a wonderful best friend, and still are. I'm your kitty, you're my koala. I hope I can be acceptable to your family one day, and you to mine. It'll be okay in the end, it always is. Forever and always.

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