Ghost of My Father

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What do I say but that this is for someone I once knew? Photo found on

Submitted: June 22, 2014

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Submitted: June 22, 2014



Ghost of My Father


Father, oh father, I swore you were just here.

In these photos, in the home,

But now you’ve disappeared

And left the family alone.


Father, oh father, the title's foreign to me.

It lost its value,

It has no meaning.

Never wanted to be one, did you?


You never accepted him as your own;

But I could never do wrong.

Did you ever love mom?

Why’d you even stay for so long?


It finally took me involving the Law

For you to call me a traitor.

“How could you betray your own blood?”

How dare you ever harm your blood--my brother!


I’m sorry, but my heart can’t take this.

I refuse to appease you when you're belligerent 

Like we've had to do all these years.

These two are now my family, irrevocably intimate.


© Copyright 2018 Izzy Van Ed. All rights reserved.

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