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Submitted: April 24, 2017

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Submitted: April 24, 2017



I hear you lark 
There is a shark  
His name is Bismark
with teeth so sharp 
to rip and tear 
he'll hunt and kill you 
so just beware 

This shark that can walk on land 
And still swim to the murky depths 
Can get some people quite upset 
Especially the people sat on deck 
The captain even wrote a cheque 
To hire a well
and recommended vet 

his orders where to shoot to kill 
but he didn’t know 
Bismark knew kung-fu  
well, did you?

This took the vet by surprise 
the vet could not believe his eyes 
So much so he had to blink 
Three times in a row

The vet he took out his gun 
Shouting “Bismark, you had better run.
No more playing in the sun 
Sorry Bismark 
You’ve had your fun 
your day is done" 

Bismark turned all teary eyed 
Let out a wail of sullen cries 
“Why oh why 
Do they hate me so much? 
I know I’m big and very butch 
But that’s just me as such.
i'm misunderstood 
look in my gut 
all you'll see is drift wood
maybe a licence plate 
certainly no humans on my plate, 
well not of late." 

The vet he did fire three shots 
Not missing Bismark the shark
By much 
He turns and shouts 
“Have you lost the plot?”

Bismark the shark that knew 
Knew exactly what to do 
He leaped right up into the air 
Landed legs akimbo across two deck chairs 
Splitting his own underwear 
Which in turn made people stare 
He turns and says 
"please don't stare 
Never seen a shark wearing 

He grabbed the vet 
Threw him left to right
A karate chop to end 
His fight  
Then bit off his head 
With one clean bite 
Not realizing he had 
A stick of sizzling dynamite 

Bismark the shark 
I hear you hark 
Gobbled the vet right up 
And swallowed him down 
Into his empty gut 
He jumped straight back into the sea 
Sank until the murky depths 
Just enough so he could  see 

he felt his inners start to swell 
then smelled a sort of sulpher smell 
and suddenly he felt quite sick
he knew he had been defeated 
and waited for his life to be deleted  

KABOOOM!!! The end of Bismark the shark 
no more shark i hear you hark. 
just bits of him lie on the deck 
but not for long 
they were eaten by somebodies pet.

© Copyright 2019 J A OVERTON. All rights reserved.

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