Brexit has been finally triggered

Oh shit! I hear you snigger

Turn that frown upside down

We wouldn’t be leaving if we couldn’t hold our own


Brexit will be hard going at first

And many of you will probably curse

  whilst thinking the worst

I may be one of the first


Think of our departure as dope

instead of thinking like our necks hang by a rope

don’t worry, life is just too short  for all that stress

I’m sure the government will do what’s best

In Britain’s interest


Today is the day we stand as one

No longer tethered to Eu laws

Well write our own now, we shall be finally heard

Our economy should thrive

Not deflating lives

Improving them for the better

Great Britain’s now a go getter


Theresa may?  You better know what you are doing

Or you will be the cause of Britain’s undoing

Causing all us brits wrong doings


Theresa May this is your chance

Make us proud of where we reside

And longer walk around with closed eyes


Make Britain a safe place to live once more

Make it safe with no more flaws

Make it a place that I’m proud to call my home

 A place were families can thrive

Where people can walk the streets at night

Without fearing for their own lives


Tighten the reins on terrorism

Remove terror and just leave the ism

Put the great back into GREAT BRITAIN

Make it a country for which we are smitten

Submitted: April 20, 2017

© Copyright 2023 J A OVERTON. All rights reserved.

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