one life

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Don’t break a man’s legs then force him to walk 
Don’t sew up his lips then force him to talk 
Don’t break a man’s heart then expect it to love 
Don’t be unfaithful, and then still expect trust 
Don’t play with fire and not expect to get burned 
Life is about giving and talking and working things out 
Not screaming and shouting and hitting out 

You cannot expect good things to come from bad situations 
If you do well good on you and I wish salutations 
Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, take the time delve deeper 
You might be losing someone that’s a keeper 
Be kind and gentle; wear your heart on your sleeve 
And no that’s not literal there’s no blood on the cuffs 
Just you showing your soft side and proving you know how to love 

I know there are people that have been mistreated 
Their hearts have been broken 
Their minds defeated
Their will depleted
 These are the fighters that stood up and said “NO MORE!!!
 No more will I cower in a ball on the floor 
No more will I listen to your vile verbal abuse 
No, more will I lock myself in my room 
I am the winner, you hit you’re the coward 
Take a look at yourself. Then take a cold shower 
And not for five mins stay there for hours  
Stay there until your skin becomes numb 
Until it has no feeling like you made mine feel hun 
You’ll see your errors and you’ll be remorseful 
But knowing you I won’t hold my breath because I know it’s highly doubtful 

There is one law I live by and that is my own 
Be thankful for the person that resides by your side 
Don’t take them for granted when they fill you with pride 
Open your heart and let them inside 
Show all of your feelings  don’t let any hide 
Bring down those walls that block out the sun 
Replace the darkness and let your heart run 
Just enjoy life, you only get one shot 
So give it all that you’ve got  

Submitted: April 20, 2017

© Copyright 2022 J A OVERTON. All rights reserved.

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