Yellow Jacket

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: May 10, 2017

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Submitted: May 10, 2017



Late summer, bees are buzzing in the garden and wasps are too
well, they’re ransacking your BBQ
These winged creatures that we fear, yes, the yellow jackets  are here

Some interesting facts I feel I must tell, I know they sting , and make your skin swell 
But there is something I think you should know 

Our fearsome yellowy friends, keep your gardens free of bugs 
So please don’t hate , show them some love
They also help to pollenate , I know sometimes they tend to frustrate 
Make our hearts race, pulse, pulsate

But wait 

These wasps that we call yellow jackets ,our little buzzy yellow annoying fiend 
helps make wine by storing yeast and help to ferment some types of  beer 
but still we fear our winged friend, with its bright yellow threatening coat 
that makes a lump appear in our throat 

This winged yellowed aerial ace , Instil fear and steal things from your plate 
They mean no harm, so let them be 
If you flap your hands they’ll feel threatened 
If that’s the case, prepare to feel as though you have been stung by nettles 

So just let them settle

The yellow jacket deserves respect , he is a master architect  
He builds his nest from simple wood, chews it up into a pulp 
Makes his home from which he chews , a home from paper mashie he then will build

But still we choose 

We choose to kill this yellowed fiend 
Can’t be stopped, Seems to be a trend
You flap about  like you’re on fire, keep going to lungs perspire 
But our yellow fiend doesn’t tire 
He just wants your food, he has to feed quite a large brood 
Fills the grooves in with your food 

So next time when you see one about 
Don’t flap about, scream and shout 
Run around like headless chickens 
People will look and think , what the dickens 
Simply waft your hand 
For this the wasp will understand 
and go about its busy day and live to fly another day 

I watched one bounce around my window frame 
Collecting flies from spiders gain 
I never thought that they ate flies 
so could not believe my eyes 
As he swooped down 
Cut the threads that dangled down 
Stole the fly right under  spiders eye
How dare he defy  
As he stole that fly 

Please understand i dislike them too 

I myself hate them too 
But they keep me fit 
Chase me when I’m at work 
Colleagues look thinking what a jerk 
As I run from such a small winged fellow 
You’ll hear me scream “do one, yellow” 
But after writing this I feel more mellowed 
Well I do until I see this yellow fellow 
Then you’ll hear me shouting once again 
“Do one yellow”

© Copyright 2020 J A OVERTON. All rights reserved.

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