Laugh in Your Misery

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Laugh in Your Misery is a short story in fourteen parts of which I will be releasing weekly for the next three months. The story relates the disturbed meanderings of a young man who spends the summer before his final year of high school in the South of France acting, singing, performing and running away; from what he knows not…and yet it seems there for the taking. His doomed attempts of love seemed repressed by the disparity of his insecurity and yet there seems a reason, a voice, a place, a someone.

Where the orphaned dregs of mans embittered passions lay vagabond, there remains yet still relief for the parched soul. Where sits one in solitude, another weeps in darkness – fearing its cloak; its covert appearance, a refuge – one merely disguising misery, subsiding not the torture. And yet when the elixir of life has so expired, when the bottle has been washed – its residue’s blighted in finality; when walls prove but a canvas to a room, the painting is rendered fresh again – beholding the flicker of light its artist. Easy is it to wallow in misery than triumph its comfort; the envelope of darkness sealing with it not just emotion but opportunity. Succumb not. Revel not alone in darkness, the dregs of passion being your only respite, but live, in all desperation, alone in light. Scoff at those who know not what lay oppressed beneath the cloak, nor discern the burden of its weight; alas, muffled are your earnest supplications of revelatory retreat. As bleak may be the midnight hour, laugh; its echoes penetrate desolation and tease misery’s dreadful silence. Such may not change ones canvas but proves a certain, ephemeral retreat – the voice of one who understands. In darkness, the bitterness of denial seems never so sweet.
Late into the night when darkness seems but oblivion, no longer a refuge but a suspension of time, of feeling, I like to lay awake for the pure illusion of being alone – confined to nothing but the ecstasy of agony. When only dare the dwellers of closets to wander amidst illusion’s reverie, I join them; stealth stealing the down of foot and slide of hand; the espionage of transient relief, or else the derivation of sustenance from its thrill. I am now but the shadow which I follow in daylight. They haven’t heard me – the preludes of dawn fuguing in my favor; perhaps a breath of air, of relaxation from this corset of emotion. Yes, there is my figure – my attire for this outing’s repast? I love the “little black dress theme.” Ok, these pumps are so cute – love the red ones, heels are gunna kill me I tell you. Black dress: plunging neckline, of course, cuts off halfway down my thighs – love the beadwork and the silk tie in the back. I’ll have to do something with my hair, and what about this necklace – or maybe it’s too distracting. Please, hunny, these tights – what do you think; patterned or sheer? Oh I know I just shaved yesterday – fabulous razor, even gets the back of my leg where I always knick myself. I think I’ll go with this hat, or is it too Marilyn Monroe? No? Good. Does this rouge match my shoes? Definitely go heavy on the mascara but easy on the eyeliner. Here I’ll do it. Yes, you see relax your hand and use your wrist. Is this base waterproof? It’s really fantastic, quite a good match for my tone. The crème pashmina, can you hand it to me? No, the one with the gold fringe. I decided to go with diamonds – if I’m going to do it I might as well; of course, they’re not real. I do say though they’re pretty damn close. Thanks dahling. Ok, now how do I look? Not too slutty? Voluptuous? Oh you’re such a dear. Help me with my coat? The fur; yes, that’s the one. Oh hunny I owe you my life. I tell you I would just be so up over my head without you. Kisses – there we are. Help me when I get back? Oh, you are so precious. Ciao dahling.
Dawn’s yawning leapt sprightly as it made dissonance with my own. Tight was my corset but my breath was recovered.

Submitted: June 03, 2008

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