Like a bull in a china shop

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Like a bull in a China shop.

Submitted: October 25, 2012

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Submitted: October 25, 2012






Mummy I want a tea set.

Why so-?

Not a baby tea set. I am clever, I want one where I can let my drink brew and show all my silly little friends how brilliant I am.

Don't they think you are already?

I'm no older tha-

Let's go and buy you one dear

Can we do it walking away from the camera-

They can see our hands holding each other and scenery our similar brown hair doesn't cover




Hi sir. My daughter would like a tea set. Not a little baby set for her baby cheeky monkey friends. Your finest-

Excuse me sir I am the shop owner. Bulls are not permitted in this China shop.

I dont care

Sir, there is a fightclub down the road, you may intrude upon tha-

That's a lovely tea set. My bull friends would think I'm ever so smart. I am.

Sorry sir you must leave.

Mummy the bull is going to ruin my fine china. How will I tell my friends!



You dont think I'm smart do you friend? I try and try but people seem to worry when I walk into their dull shops. Friend, what would you do if you saw a beautiful china set. pure and untouched but you were not aloud to buy it?

What would I do?


Well goddam I wouldn't take no for an answer! I'd stand my ground. I'd take a breath of the fresh red air that pollutes my lungs and endure every moment-

But what if they still wouldn't let you take a look at the gorgeousity?



Well I wouldn't give up. I would beg and beg, ask and ask, demand and require until the cows come home.

Right till the cows come home?

Right until.


Oh mummy how beautiful our land is. Horses, no unicorns. Marvelous! How I wish we could of out bided the Bull earlier.



Goodness Gracious!


Daughter we never bought cows! How Horrid!


Horrid Horrid Horrid. Mummy why do words lose their meaning if you repeat them enough?


Horrid Horrid Horrid


Mummy the cows are home. It is theirs now, leave them be. We can stay at bull and friend. We can admire all their beautiful China. I wish I was beautiful.

We can steal the China we tried to buy from the shop earlier that they rudely cut ahed and bought.

Clever Clever Clever


Hi there friend. It seems that a rather impolite group of cows have taken refuge in our house. My daughter and I have no where to stay for the night. May we sleep on your couch?

Cheeky Monkey

Yes the cows were rather cheeky as you put it.

No friend. I mean a cheeky monkey has taken refuge in our house. Neither do we have anywhere to sleep. Say, how about tea and cakes from my new fine tea set?

That friend is an offer my daughter and I certainly could not refuse

Come in. Enjoy. We take great care in all our belongings. Welcome.

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