Apart but not forgotten

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A sad poem .

Submitted: September 10, 2012

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Submitted: September 10, 2012



The days are long empty and lonely the nights are cold cruel and unforgiving until i close my eyes and see your face ,your smile and body, the torture has begun.

This is a place that i dare not leave for the fear i may feel again, i see you in my dreams , and for a fleeting second you are mine again , until my senses return to me and the sorrow and pain flood my heart and wash away your love.

But i cannot leave this dark and depraved room this place  is ever changing i am confined to its walls its horrors and its pain , there is no comfort here only misery and social decay , the silence rages all around me and crashes over me again and again as waves beat the rocks .

You are my lover you are my soul mate , you are my jailor,tormentor,my pain and my executioner you are the one i love.

This prison is my mind although i can see the light of the world i dare not venture into it for a life with out you it is not a life i would choose it is a death sentence , it is my prison and i must serve my sentence.


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