Forgotten Freedom

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It's about life, reaching out a hand and having a little fun to cherish life and stay sane, soo many forget about the true meaning of freedom because their soo caught up in their work.

Submitted: April 07, 2009

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Submitted: April 07, 2009



Your soo built of fury,
you've donelost track of time
work has corrupted our minds
I think its time to come to life
take a break, dont worry.

Come on take my hand
let me show you how to fly again
push and sway, glide and float
like a butterfly from his cancun
live your inner child, to become a new man.

Your only as old as how you feel
fly with me, lets gaze through the meadows
lets glide through the forest, do you feel it ?
that feeling of freedom you've forgotten is now real.
you've been set free, dont let work become a stressful enemy.

Millions of our population get stressed to make it through
Their soo caught into the job, they forget whts important at home,
I'm not into politics and I'm not Dr. Phil but I no how it is to get imbalanced
trying to ration money to put food on the table, prices continue to grow
the stress builds. you take a breathe pushing and swaying till you realize
family is what makes you wake up everyday, free of life forgotten freedom

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