Dollhouse Nightmare

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Jason wakes up to find himself in a strange room. It looks like something from a dollhouse; pink and white wallpapered walls, flower stickers here and there, and plastic furniture. But as if that wasn't weird enough, he finds very lifelike dolls in another room, and they warn him that he is in danger!

**Short story number 4, for my Short-Story-A-Day-Challenge for the Month of March. Please leave feedback, let me know what you think and where I could use some improvement! Enjoy :) **

Submitted: March 04, 2014

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Submitted: March 04, 2014



Jason found himself in an unfamiliar room. He took a moment to take it all in. The walls were adorned with vertical striped wallpaper; alternating between pink and white stripes. Every few stripes or so, he found himself staring at a blue or orange flower stickers. This was definitely not Jason's room. It looked more like something from the set of a children's TV show.

For some reason his head was throbbing. His brain felt like it was rampaging about, pounding on his skull. Where the heck was he? Jason tried to remember how he got here, but everything seemed like a blur. He focused, remembering that he had gone to bed in his house... but everything else was just fog. Static noise.

Upon examining the room, he looked at his own body, to ensure he was OK. He saw that he was sitting at a blue table. Something about it was strange. He slowly touched it. It didn't feel like wood. It felt like dried wax. He knocked on it. It made a hollow sound. It didn't sound like wood at all. "What the hell?" Jason looked beneath the table and saw that it was paper thin, and that It was made of plastic.

Jason got up from the chair he was sitting in. It was blue and boring; plastic just like the table. He walked around the room. It was fairly small and boring. It was a perfect square. The wall straight ahead, which he had stared at when he woke up, just had the striped wallpaper and flowers. Nothing else. The wall to his right had a brown bookshelf. Just like the table and chair, it looked like it was made with the same material. There were books on the shelves, but Jason could tell they too were fake. Plastic.

Jason spun in place, examining the wall behind him. There was a door. It was yellow and had a small heart shape cut out in its centre. Once again, it looked like plastic, with etched in lines, giving it the appearance of wood. Jason walked up to it and tried to open it. It wouldn't budge. He stared through the heart shaped hole.

On the other side of the door, through the heart shape cut-out, he could see a bigger room. At its centre was a large round table. Sitting on the table were a bunch of plastic tea cups and saucers. Around the table, there was six chairs. Four of which had a doll sitting in them. Jason couldn't help but think the dolls looked freaky. They almost looked too good, very life like. They were the same size as he was. One had blone hair, but it looked like actual hair; not string hair like most dolls were supposed to have. Her eyes were blue buttons, she had three freckles on each cheek and a stitch smile. She wore a black muscle shirt to cover her fabric body, and blue jeans. But the clothes looked realistic as well, as if it was bought from the same store as Jason's.

The second doll in the room was a male doll. He had short brown hair, once again it looked realistic. His button eyes were brown, and he had a stitch smirk; it started lower on one side and went up on the other. He wore a sweater that had an embroidered 'V' on it. Jason recognized the sweater. It was the same kind of sweater you could buy at the school, his high school; Valley High. In the doll's hand, he had a stitch-work football. Jason couldn't help but feel like he recognized the doll. As if he had seen him at his school before.

The last two dolls were also male. One had red hair, the other had black hair. The one with red hair wore a striped yellow and blue shirt, while the other was dressed entirely in black.

Jason couldn't help but be freaked out by the scene before him. It appeared as though he was stuck inside a giant dollhouse, with giant sized dolls. Worst, it looked like he would have to take part in a tea party.

Just what the hell is going on here?

Unable to open the door, Jason decided to continue his search in his current room. He quickly spotted a window on the left wall. Maybe it would be able to give me some answers, he thought to himself. He approached the window and looked out of it. What he saw made no sense to him. There was grass, only it wasn't grass. It was just really shaggy green carpet. And there was a large wall of fabric, it was blue. But as Jason followed it upwards with his eye, he could see the top, and what appeared to be a giant pillow. Jason pressed his face closer against the window, and saw that he was right. He was staring at a giant bed.

While making this discovery, he quickly focuses on the window. He soon noticed it wasn't glass. It was plastic. Jason tapped on it a few times. It let out a flat “splashing” sound, sort of like the sound it makes when two sheets of paper are pressed against each other, and someone taps on them. Jason made an attempt to open the window, but it wouldn't open.

By this point, Jason was fed up. He was getting seriously freaked out. How could he be in a giant dollhouse that was sitting in what appeared to be an even bigger bedroom. He looked around for something he could use to break the window. He grabbed his plastic chair. It was surprisingly light. Plastic, go figure. He through the plastic chair at the plastic window. The chair collided with the window, but it bounced right off.

That obviously wasn't going to work. Jason went up to the window to pick up the chair that was lying beneath it. Just as he bent down, something appeared at the window. Jason looked up to see a giant blue eye staring back at him. The shock of this sight sent Jason falling backwards. He landed on his butt. Fearing that the eye could somehow harm him, he quickly started doing a crab walk backwards to put some distance between him and the giant gazing eye.

I must be going crazy! There's no way this is actually happening.

The eye just kept staring. Jason picked himself up, using the table as support, and made a run towards the wall to escape the sight of the eye. This can't be real. This has to be some kind of dream!

Slowly, Jason poked his head towards the window. The eye was gone. It had vanished. Jason breathed a sigh of relief. I must be losing my mind. That's all this is. I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation as to why I am hallucinating gigantic eyes.

Just then the room began to shake. Jason pressed his hands against the wall, as if to brace himself. Suddenly, the right wall split from the floor. It swung outwards, leaving a giant hole into the open air. Jason saw this as an opportunity to escape and made a run for it. Just then, a large hand appeared, reaching towards him, massive fingers stretched out to encircle his small body.

Stopping mid way in his run, he backed up, rolling over the table, to put some space between him and the approaching hand. But it was no use. The hand plunged into the room and caught hold of Jason. It held Jason's body in its closed fingers, only allowing his head to stick out above the clasped hand.

Slowly, Jason was lifted from his prison towards the giant eye. Only this time he could see the beast's entire face. It was a girl. She had long brown hair, brown eyes and she had a pointy nose. Her lips were red, from lipstick. Jason was speechless, he couldn't believe his eyes. A giant. A giant girl.

The red lips parted to reveal a smile. It exposed her teeth, which, because of the red lipstick, had a yellowish tint. The hand began moving towards the mouth, which went from a smile to puckered lips. Jason braced himself, he knew what was coming. He tried to struggle, to break free, but the giant girl's grip was too strong. Jason's face made contact with her big red lips, she kissed his entire face. He could feel the suction of her kiss, sucking on his entire face.

As the kiss ended, he could feel the blast of exhausted air drench him with moisture. Jason closed his eyes tightly, trying to will the giant form away. But still feeling the moisture and a ring of lipstick on his face, he knew this couldn't be a dream. This, as impossible as it was, was really happening. And the thought scared Jason more than anything he had ever experienced in his life.

The hand began to lower Jason. He opened his eyes and saw where it was taking him. It was taking him back towards his prison, a dollhouse. Only, from here, it clearly looked like a toy dollhouse, and from the size of the rest of the room, it was the proportionate size of a toy doll house. And yet, there he was, small and in the clutches of a giant, being placed back into the toy dollhouse.

Instead of taking him back to his little square room, the massive hand placed Jason in the room with all the dolls he had seen earlier. He was placed in one of the chairs, sitting in between the male doll wearing the sweater and the blonde haired female doll. Jason could feel something sticky on the chair, beneath his butt. But he couldn't struggle against the oppressive force of the hand, that pushed him down into the wet goop that covered Jason's chair.

The hand released him, and retreated from the room. Suddenly, the room began to shake and the wall reappeared. Sealing him in the large tea party room. Jason tried to get up, to try and find a way to escape, but he couldn’t lift himself from his chair. He looked down, seeing that he wasn't bound or anything. He tried again, putting his hands on the seat, pushing up while he tried to lift himself. He could feel the substance that was beneath him stay firm, not allowing him to get up. Despite all his efforts, Jason sat there, unable to escape. He was stuck.

"Struggle all you'd like. There's no way you are getting out of that chair now." Someone had spoken.

Jason looked around, to see another human in the room with him. There wasn't anyone else aside from him and the dolls. Now I know I'm losing my marbles! Now I'm hearing voices? Get a hold of yourself man! OK, For now just focus on getting out of here, worry about the voices in your head later. Jason struggled to get up and out of his chair again.

Another voice spoke, this time a female's voice. "He just doesn't get it does he?"

Jason stopped struggling. "Who's there?!" His head whipped left and right, scanning the room for any signs of life.

"We are." It was a male voice. But Jason couldn't see anyone where the voice could of come from. But it sounded like it had come from his left. Jason turned his head to the left, where the male doll with the sweater sat. Jason stared at it for a minute. "Hello?"

"Yeah, hey dude. What's up?" The doll's head turned towards Jason, its button eyes staring intensely at him.

Jason stared in disbelief. The female voice appeared again, coming from his right. "Well, looks like he's finally getting it. Eh Stu?"

Jason slowly turned away from the doll named "Stu" and turned towards the blonde doll on his right. He just stared. She broke the silence. "Why don't you take a picture, it will last longer."

Jason turned away immediately. He focused his attention across the table, towards the red and black haired dolls. "I'm insane. I've officially lost my mind! Anything you two want to add?" He asked jokingly to the other two dolls.

"Hey, buddy." It was the male doll to his left that spoke instead, the one named "Stu". "You're definitely losing it if you start hearing those two talk. They haven't said anything for at least a week now. They are just dolls."

"Which, if you stay here, you will become as well." This time, the girl spoke. Jason turned to her. "So... you two aren't figments of my imagination. You are actually talking?" He said, in complete disbelief, as if not trusting the words coming out of his mouth.

"No. I'm just using words randomly for the fun of it. And you should know, that if I could, I would be rolling my eyes right now."

"Come on Jessie," It was Stu speaking. "Don't be like that! He doesn't know what is going on. We haven't exactly told him."

Jason turned towards Stu. "What's going on? What's going on is I have clearly lost my mind. There is no way I am talking to two oversized dolls!” As if speaking to himself, he adds: "Oh man, I've lost it."

Jessie let out a laugh. "You think we are oversized? You really haven't pieced it together yet have you."

Stu interrupted. "I'm gonna break the news for you buddy. We aren't the ones who are oversized. In fact, we are the ones who are undersized. I don't know how it works, but we are prisoners in this dollhouse."

"And the longer you stay here, the more you look like us... and the more you become like them." Although Jessie couldn't move, Jason could tell she was pointing at the other two dolls across the table with the mere tone of her voice.

"I... I don't get it? What the hell is going on here? How is this possible? And why the hell can't I move from this chair!?"

Stu let out a sigh. "Like I said, I don't know how this works, all I know is that the more you spend in this dollhouse, the more you will transform into a doll. As for the reason you can't move, well that would be because of the crazy glue beneath your butt."

Jason tried to jump up from his chair, as if he had just sat in gum. Unfortunately, the crazy glue had already created the permanent bond between his jeans and the plastic chair. "Great! So I'm stuck, to turn into creepy dolls like you guys?"

Jessie scuffed. "Um hurtful much. We still have feelings you know! We aren't entirely dolled up... not yet anyways."

Jason dreaded the thought of finding out the answer to his next question, but he needed to know. "How... How long does it take to become like you two?"

"Hmm. Let's see. I've been here for a few days now. Jessie over there has been here for a week."

"That's not long at all! I have to get out of here, I have to get out now!" Jason tried to jump out of his chair. Struggling as much as he could. It was merely moving the chair an inch forward with every motion he made.

"Give it up. You might as well make peace with your future." It was Jessie, in her cold voice speaking. Jason turned to her. "I won't give up. This is crazy, this is just so unbelievable. I can't accept this!"

"I like your spirit, but let's face it. What can you do? Even if you broke out of your chair, you wouldn't be able to get out of the house. Every opening is sealed shut." This time is was Stu who spoke.

"I have to try something. The thought of turning into a doll horrifies me! I want to see my family, I want to live my life!" Jason kept struggling, he began rocking back and forward, trying to tip the chair. "You can't honestly tell me--" Back and forth, it rocked, almost tipping. "-- that you are happy--" Another good rock. The chair stayed on an angle for a little bit before slamming back down on all four legs. Jason kept the momentum. "--with the prospect of turning into a doll!" He did it! He fell on his side.

With his hands free, Jason removed his belt from his pants, and undid his button and zipper. He began wiggling out of his pants.

"Holy crap! Dude, you are actually going to do it!" Stu at this point was cheering him on. Jessie was motionless, and didn't say anything.

Finally, Jason was free of his pants. He was free of his chair. He quickly got up and examined the rest of the room. There were two windows on the wall behind him. He went up to Stu's chair and began pushing it towards the far right, to hide from the windows.

"What are you doing man?"

Jason grunted, trying to push the chair. "I'm not going to leave you two. I'm getting all of us out of here."

Stu was positioned in the corner of the room, still stuck to his chair. Jason booked it towards Jessie. He started to push her, she didn't say anything. "It's alright Jessie, you can thank me later." He had gotten her in the corner just in front of Stu. She didn't answer. Jason got worried. "Jessie?" He poked her.


Jason jumped back. "Oh thank goodness, I thought you had gone complete doll on me!"

Jessie laughed. "No, sorry. I was just thinking how this plan of yours is going to end horribly." She added sarcastically.

"Jessie! How can you say that! He got out! This is our best hope at getting out of here. Who knows, maybe when we get out, we go back to being human!"

Jessie didn't say anything. Jason shrugged it off. "Let her sulk, I'm going to get you guys out of here. I promise. For now, just sit tight." As soon as he said it, Jason wished he could take it back.

Stu just laughed. "I don't think you have to worry about us. Now go! Find a way to get out of here."

Jason examined the windows. He figured he could maybe charge at it with a chair, break it. He grabbed his chair, his jeans still stuck solidly to them. Damn, I liked those jeans, he thought to himself.

Holding the chair like a battering ram, Jason lunged himself at one of the windows with all his might. He hit the plastic window. It didn't break. He backed up and tried again. Still nothing. Come on. Break already!

He backed up even more, this time sprinting with all his might. He hit the plastic window and felt it pop out.

"You did it!" Stu shouted with joy. "You are the man!"

Jason grew a smirk. But he wouldn't allow himself to get too happy. They weren't out of the nightmare yet. He approached the window and poked his head out. It was a two story drop. He was about to jump out when he stopped himself. He turned to Stu.

"Stu. Are you sure I will go back to normal if I leave?"

There was no answer. After a moment, Stu spoke up. "I don't know. None of us have ever gotten out."

Jason mulled it over. "Before I was put into this room, I was taken out of the dollhouse by our captor. I didn't grow or anything."

Once again, Stu sat there quietly. "Maybe... I don't know man. At this point anything is better than nothing right? Maybe its because she was holding you. Maybe she has some power, like a super power, that as long as she touches you, you stay a doll."

Stu was right, anything was better than nothing. And whether Jason did something or not, it wouldn't change his current outcome. He could die in here a doll, or land down below, risk injury. He had to do it. He put his hand on the edge of the window and was about to jump. When he noticed his hand was fabric. What the? Oh no!

Jason examined both his hands. Stu let out a gasp. "Uh oh. It's started!"

Jason didn't waste anymore time, he lifted himself out the window and allowed himself to plummet.

His but his the ground. It didn't hurt as much as he thought it would. Suddenly Jason realized he was back to normal size. Stu was right. Whatever was going on, it was the girl's doing. Jason turned around to see the small two-foot tall dollhouse behind him. He quickly fumbled at it, trying to open it. He quickly noticed his hands were normal again. Excitement filled his body with hope. They were going to get out.

The dollhouse broke open in his hands. Jason could see Stu and Jessie jumbled together in the corner, just where he had left them. He reached in, grabbed them and pulled them out. Thinking they might grow in his hand, Jason tossed them aside.

He heard a thump behind him. A young man, about his age, with brown hair, brown eyes wearing a sweater with an embroidered 'V' sat behind him. He was blinking, looking at his hands. A huge smile grew on his face. "You did it!"

Jason allowed himself to smile. He quickly returned to looking inside the dollhouse. He found the other two dolls and pulled them out.

He gently set them down on the ground and waited for them to grow. Nothing happened. It was too late for them. At that point, Jason's heart sank. And it got worse as soon as Stu grabbed his sleeve and tugged. "Uh Jason..."

Jason turned to see what Stu was trying to show him. It was just as Jason feared. He could see, held out in Stu's hand was Jessie. She was still a doll, sitting in her plastic chair. Stu was mortified. "But... we got out! Come on Jessie! You should go back to being you again!"

Jason couldn't help but feel responsible. If only he had been quicker at breaking out, if only he hadn't wasted Jessie's precious time with stupid questions, he could of gotten her out in time. He grabbed Stu's hand, and took Jessie. "It's too late for her. I'm sorry Stu." Whatever relationship the two had, Jessie meant a lot to Stu. It was understandable. They were alone, experiencing the same trauma together.

"We have to get out of here Stu. We can live on! We can get justice!"

Stu turned to Jason, he was crying, but he knew Jason was right. "Let's go!"

There was a door behind them, just passed the bed. They could tell it was their route to freedom. The two were about to leave when Jason stopped. Stu turned back to see what was up.

He could see Jason reaching for the dollhouse. Jason brought it above his head, and then threw it to the ground. The dollhouse split in two. Then Jason began stomping on it. "Let's see her pull this stunt again!"

Stu grew a smile, it was a small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

The two boys slowly crept out into the hallway. It was narrow, at the end of it, another door. But to the left of that door, a staircase leading down. Stu turned to Jason, he nodded. Jason lead the way, being careful to not make any noise. They managed to get to the stairs, still no sign of anyone. They began creeping down the stairs. The stairs curved back around, pointing in the direction they came from. Jason slowly poked his head around the landing, to see if the sign was clear.

He could see light. The main door was just at the end of the stairs. He turned to Stu and nodded. Let's get out of here.

The two boys made a run for the door, they unlocked it, opened it and walked right into a person. Jason was knocked back, but Stu caught him. Jason shook his head and saw who it was. She had long brown hair, her lips were painted red.

"It's her!"

Stu took a moment to realize what Jason was talking about. It sunk in. He dropped Jason and lunged at the girl. The girl, was fumbling around in a massive purse she was carrying.

Just as Stu was about to tackle her, she managed to pull some mace from her bag. She got him square in the face. Jason managed to get up and began to chase after the mysterious woman. She lashed out with her purse, smacking Jason in the face. She then kicked him back.

She managed to get to her car, and got in it. Jason, recovering from the kick, ran to the car. He grabbed at the door handle, and tugged. The woman had locked it. She was already in the process of starting the car.

Jason began beating at the window, screaming frantically for her to get out and face them. As soon as the car rumbled to life, the girl smiled at Jason. It was a wicked smile that made him cringe. She put her hand to her lips and blew him a kiss. And just like that, put the car in reverse and drove off.

Jason tried to keep chase, but it was to no use.




Jason and Stu sat in the police station. They had just been interrogated by six different cops. This time, it was the chief who wanted a testimony. "OK, let's go over this again. You claim that you two were trapped...” He examined a notepad in front of him. “-- inside a dollhouse?” The chief's eyes raised from the notepad to examine the boys. He then reached down to a folder. He pulled something from it. “And that this girl--" The chief dropped a photo of the brown-haired-red-lipped woman on the table "-- is somehow responsible for all this?"

They weren't getting anywhere with the cops. "How many times do we have to tell you that is what happened!? Go back to her house, you'll find three dolls, all of whom I'm sure resemble missing teenagers." At this point, Jason was losing his cool. He knew what they were saying sounded absolutely insane, but if the cops would just go and investigate, they would see they were telling the truth.

The chief scratched his head. He looked past Stu and Jason, notifying the cop standing behind them to go and get the escorts. "Look, I don't know how to tell you this. We haven't gotten any reports of missing kids."

It was Stu who had lost his cool this time. "Are you kidding me!? Jessie, the girl I was in there with, she was there for a whole week! The other two were there at least two! And you are telling me no one called in the last week to say their kid was missing?"

The cop exhaled. "Look. I don't know what the kids are doing these days; I'm willing to let you guys go. Just don't cause any trouble. OK?"

Jason and Stu couldn't believe it. Were they crazy? How could they be? They were survivors.

Two cops appeared behind Jason and Stu. The cops lifted the boys up from their chairs and directed them towards the door. Before Jason was lead out, he turned to the chief. "What about at the house!? Did you check it?"

"We didn't find anything. There was no dollhouse, there were no dolls. Now I'm going to talk to your parents and get them to get you guys some help."

It was hopeless, the evidence was gone. To keep pushing it would make Stu and Jason out to be even crazier than they already sounded. How was this possible? Could they have dreamt the whole thing? It just didn't seem possible.

The boys were separated, put in a different cop cars. Jason looked to Stu, who was also in the back seat of his cop cruiser. Their eyes met briefly, and Stu just lowered his head, as if ashamed they couldn't do more.

The chief stood by, watching the cars take off. He turned to another on duty officer. "Kids these days. The elaborate stories they come up with. Hey, I'm going to the coffee shop, you want anything?"

The office shook his head. He returned to his desk. As for the chief, he got in the nearest cop cruiser and took off.

Inside the coffee shop, the chief ordered two coffees. Once he had them, he made his way through the coffee shop and sat at a table. He placed the one coffee in front of him. The other he slid across the table. A hand reached down and grabbed it. It went up to the person's face. They had brown hair. After a few big gulps, the cup returned to the table. On the cup, where the person had drank from it, there was a red outline of their lips.

The officer smiled. "It's all been taken care of. Those boys won't be an issue."

Across from the cop, sat the brown haired woman with the red lips. She smiled, revealing her yellow tinted teeth. “Perfect. I'll just have to pay them another visit shortly.”

On her purse, three dolls were hanging as decorations. It was Jessie and the two other boys.



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