The One-Girl-Zoo

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Melissa and her friends were at a carnival where they came across a magician who offered to do some magic. He asked Melissa what animal she would want to be if she could be any animal. Unable to decide, he casts a spell where any animal named, Melissa would transform into. Thinking it was all a ruse, her friends jokingly call out a grizzly bear. Before their very eyes, Melissa transforms into a grizzly bear. Now what!?

**Short story number six! March Madness; short story a day is still very much happening. Make sure to leave comments, let me know where I can improve or what you liked/disliked!**

Submitted: March 06, 2014

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Submitted: March 06, 2014



Melissa loved animals. She could never pick her favourite. They were just all so cute and amazing. Lions, cats, dogs, polar

bears, penguins, giraffes. She could go on and on naming her favourites. She would probably list the entire animal kingdom.

So when someone came up to her and asked her "what kind of animal would you be if you could be any animal" really

caught her off guard.

"Hm..." Melissa stood there pondering.

The carnival was in town, and she and her friends had decided to go. Now, at a magician's booth, Melissa was trying to

participate in his magic trick, unfortunately the magician asked her the one question she would fail if it was ever on a test.

Her friends were trying to urge her to hurry up, as they wanted to check out the other attractions, but Melissa was

determined. For some reason the magician intrigued her. She figured he would do something really amazing, and so she

wanted to make sure to pick the right animal.

The magician didn't seem to mind the fact that Melissa was taken her time. He wore a brilliant white smile, teeth as white as

pearls. He was dressed in an all black suit. The only use of colour on his entire ensemble was his red tie. Even the mask

that covered his eyes was black. Melissa thought he was quite mysterious and charming looking.

Finally Melissa got an idea. "Ok, if I could be any animal, I would want to be... an Elephant!"

Her friends began to chuckle. Melissa turned to them, with a playful smile on her face. "Hey! I really like elephants. They

are cute... and I love their big ears." She imitated having big flapping ears with her hands, pressing them against her very


The magician smiled. "An interesting choice. Alright then, I will make you into an elephant!"

He began reciting some words. Melissa couldn't help but laugh. She was interested to see how he would make her into an

elephant. He was about to tap her with his wand when she had a thought.

"Wait!" She put her hand out. The magician's concentration was broken, he opened his eyes. "What? What is it?"

Melissa had given it a brief amount of thought. "I don't want to be an elephant after all."

The magician sighed. "Alright. Than what animal would you be if you don't want to be an elephant?"

"Ugh, this is actually really hard. What is your trick? Can you tell me what will happen if I choose an animal?"

The magician smiled. "I told you, I would turn you into that animal."

Melissa giggled. He really liked to keep in character. "No, I get that. But what's the trick? Will it be face paint? Will you

mysteriously put an animal costume on me? I just want to pick the best animal for whatever the trick is."

The magician pondered what he should tell her. "How bout this, why don't you eliminate the need to have to pick an animal.

How bout instead I turn you into any animal that someone calls out?"

Melissa thought this was an interesting proposition. She turned to her friends. "Ok guys, pick a good animal. And don't

pick an elephant! I changed my mind about that one."

One of her friends, who looked annoyed that they had spent so much time here agreed without hesitation. "Whatever, just

let him do his trick. I promise I'll yell out a really interesting animal."

Melissa turned back towards the magician, grinning madly. "OK! I'm ready! Do your trick."

The magician didn't stop smiling. He closed his eyes and began reciting some incantation. Melissa couldn't understand the

words all too well. She was feeling really giddy. She couldn't wait to see what the magic trick would be.

Then, the magician opened his eyes and pointed the wand at Melissa. "Let this girl take on the form of any animal whose

name is called out!"

Some sparks erupted from the end of the wand. It made Melissa and her friends jump back. Melissa's heart was

pounding. She waited a second, expecting something to feel different, but nothing had happened. She examined her arms,

her legs, her body. Nothing. She turned to her friends. "Do I have anything on my face!?" All three just shook their heads.

Nothing was different.

Melissa turned to the magician. "What did you do?"

The magician smiled. "I have cast my spell. It is done."

One of Melissa's friends interjected. "Maybe it is like he said, we have to call out an animal's name."

Melissa shrugged. "Ok, try it out."

The magician stopped them. "Please, I have other customers. I suggest you try it out somewhere else."

Melissa and her friends agreed, and moved out of the magician's way.

"Well he got rude really fast. And we were nice enough to stop at his crummy phony magic booth."

Melissa hushed the friend that was upset. "Whatever, it was interesting. Besides, we haven't tried it out yet! Someone say

an animal's name!"

The three friends just stood there, examining one another. "Um... I don't know. You really think that's going to work?"

Melissa began jumping in place. "Come on! Where's your sense of adventure!"

"Alright, alright. Fine! Um... how bout... a..."

The girl began looking around. She could see tons of stuffed animals all over the place. And then she saw a grizzly bear. "A

grizzly bear!"

Something didn't feel right. Melissa felt like she was inflating. She was also getting very hot. She could see her friends,

something was wrong. They had shocked expression on their faces. Melissa decided she would ask them what was wrong.


The three girls started screaming. Two of them ran away, while the other fell backwards on her butt. Before them, was a

massive grizzly bear where Melissa was standing. It looked ferocious.

What's wrong? Melissa was wondering.

The grizzly bear opened its gaping jaw and let out another roar. Melissa's friend put her hands to cover her face, she just

started screaming and screaming. Melissa was getting embarrassed.

Oh no, everyone is going to stare! Stop it!

More and more roaring was emanating from the grizzly bear. The girl on the ground had no idea it was Melissa trying to tell

her to stop yelling. Suddenly, all the onlookers and bystanders began screaming as well. They all started running away from

the grizzly bear as well.

Melissa was hurt. Why is everyone running away? Just want is going on?

The grizzly bear turned towards a group of onlookers, frozen in their tracks either by fear or to record the massive beast

with their phones.

Melissa couldn't believe they were taking pictures of her. What the heck? You don't get to take pictures of me!

The grizzly bear lifted itself on its back legs and let out a tremendous roar. Everyone scattered. Melissa couldn't understand

why everyone was running away from her. It was just rude.

Some people had even dropped their cell phones. Melissa decided it would be best to pick one up, to see the picture they

had taken of her. And then Melissa noticed the monstrous furry paw that reached out for the cell phone, crushing it

instantly. Melissa didn't know what it was... only that it was where her hand should of been. Melissa then examined her

other arm. No. No!

She was staring at two massive paws, with large black claws. The arms were massive, and hairy. Melissa understood now

what was happening. She was a grizzly bear.

She heard something scurry behind her. Melissa turned around to see what it was. It was her friend. The one who fell to the


Help me!

The grizzly bear let out a thunderous roar. The girl flinched, stopping dead in her tracks. Melissa tried to speak again. It's

me! It's Melissa! Don't you understand what I am saying!

The girl just started running, frightened by the ferocious bear. Melissa thought to chase after her friend, but than realized

that would be a very bad idea. And then she thought of the magician. That's it! He can fix this!

She turned to where the magician's booth was. But no one was there. Where did he go!? Melissa began panicking. She

did not want to be a grizzly bear for the rest of her life. She wanted to go back to being human. But her fears would only

get worse. She could hear sirens. Oh no...

Cops began running towards the location where people had reported the grizzly bear sighting. They had with them shotguns

and other weapons. "Ok men, we have wild grizzly bear in there. Use tranquilizer rounds, but if you have to, use force if

necessary! I don't want to lose anyone to this bear."

Melissa could see them with their guns, they broke from their huddle and began searching for her. I have to get away!

Melissa tried to be stealthy, but she didn't realize just how big she was. She ended up bumping into one of those test of

strength towers, knocking it over. All the cops turned in the direction, flashlights lighting it up. Melissa froze. They started


Melissa managed to dodge the darts, but they knew where she was now.

She ran until she came across a bathroom. A door opened and a little girl appeared. "Protect the girl! It's going for her!

Switch to bullets if you have to!"

The words struck deep in Melissa. They are going to kill me!

The little girl approached Melissa. "Kitty!"

All of a sudden, the little girl became a big girl. She towered over Melissa. The cops blinked, and in an instant the grizzly

bear was gone. Now it was a little girl holding a kitty. "Hold your fire! Careful for the girl!"

"What the hell? Where did it go? Did we imagine all that?"

The cops all looked around. One approached the little girl. She was affectionately holding on to the cat. She saw the officer and held it up towards him. "Kitty!" She beamed with a smile. The cat let out a little meow.

Meanwhile, Melissa's friends had gathered together. Everyone was watching, waiting for the cops to emerge from the carnival with good news. The three friends made sure each other was alright. "That grizzly bear was totally Melissa wasn't it?" The two other girls nodded. "What do we do?"

"Well, according to that magician, whatever animal we call her she will become... so..."

"So we have to stop the cops! They might hurt her!"

The one friend stayed silent the entire time. She was the one who fell on her butt when the grizzly bear appeared. She was terrified. "Guys... what if that thing isn't Melissa anymore?"

"What? Don't be ridiculous. Melissa is still in there. It never hurt you... I bet the roaring was just her trying to speak to us. Now come on, we have to stop the cops!"

Melissa could feel the little girl crushing her. The little girl was not about to let her kitty run away. The cops were escorting the girl out. They kept going on about the bear, without mentioning it by name. Good thing thought Melissa. She didn't want to transform while in the little girl's hand.

The cops heard something in the distance. They could hear shouting, other officers, they were yelling "stop". The two cops with the little girl stayed close to her. The one officer indicated to the other that he should go check it out. He went to look around the corner of a building when three girls panting emerged. "Stop! You have to stop!"

Melissa was excited. It was her friends. Guys! Over here, I'm right here!.

The little girl could feel the cat growing wild, trying to break free from her grip. "Kitty! Stay still." The little girl struggled as best she could to hold it, but the cat broke free. Guys I'm right here! Help me!

Melissa's meows fell on deaf ears. The three girls were panting and screaming at the cops. "You can't shoot it!"

The officer was trying to calm the girls down. "Shoot what? What are you talking about?"

Oh no. No. Don't say it!

Melissa tried as best as she could to get to her friends, to stop them, when something grabbed at her feline tail. Melissa let out a hiss, jumped up and turned to see the little girl.

Just then, her one friend said the B word.

"The bear. The grizzly bear! Don't shoot the grizzly bear!"

All three girls froze. The officers looked at each other. "What are these girls on about?" They then noticed a large shadow form behind them. And they could hear the little girl screaming. They turned to see a large grizzly bear standing over them.

The cops quickly drew their pistols. Two of Melissa's friends quickly grabbed onto the guns. "Stop! Don't shoot!"

The one friend was still frozen, just staring.

Please, help me!

The cops were trying to protect the girls, while protecting themselves while also trying to shoot the bear. "Would you get out of the way! We are all in danger!" The one cop managed to avoid the girl. He pointed his gun and squeezed the trigger.

Melissa closed her eyes, waiting for the bullet to hit her.


Melissa felt herself shrink. She heard the bullet whizz past her. She was about to fall when she caught herself in mid air. Her wings were beating so fast. She could feel her heart beating a thousand miles per hour, and it wasn't because the bullet that just missed her.

The cops were in utter disbelief. "Where did it go? What the hell is going on here?"

The three girls couldn't believe their eyes either. "Let's get out of here! Come on Melissa!"

The three girls began running. It took her a while, but Melissa snapped out of her deep thought about being a hummingbird, and how weird it felt, and chased after her friends. Thank goodness! They found me!

Once further away from the cops, the three girls stood together. In the middle of their circle was a hummingbird. "So... Melissa is now a hummingbird. This is much more manageable... than the other thing."

"Now what do we do?"

Find the magician! Melissa screamed, but it was no use.

"We find the magician!"

Melissa was ecstatic, her friend understood. To further reinforce the message, Melissa did circles around the friend's head, who suggested finding the magician. "Looks like Mel agrees."

The three girls made their way back towards the bystanders outside the carnival. They were examining the crowd. To avoid Melissa hearing someone call out an animal, they had her fly high above. She also could get a bird's eye view from above. This was also why Melissa was now an eagle. Scanning the crowd.

And then she saw him. The magician. He was loading up his vehicle. Oh no, he's going to leave! Guys! Guys!

From below, everyone could hear a eagle calling out. Melissa's friends got the message. They looked up and followed Melissa's trajectory.

They converged on the magician.


The magician stopped putting things in his car. He turned to see that three girls had surrounded him. He smirked. "You girls want to see more magic?"

"Enough of your magic! Undo your spell!"

The magician smiled. He flicked his wrists, and massive fire balls erupted from his sleeves. The three girls had to cover their faces. The magician had made a run for it. "He's getting away!"

"No he's not! Hey Mel! ELEPHANT!"

You didn't!

A second ago, Melissa was gliding towards the magician. She saw the fire ball and saw her friends defend themselves. She decided to get in front of the magician and cut him off. But now, she was falling. And falling fast.

She landed with such force in front of the magician, he was bounced up into the air. Melissa was now an elephant. Her massive ears were flapping about wildly.

Some friends you guys are! I said I didn't want to be an elephant!

In her rage, Melissa used her trunk and grabbed the magician. The three girls couldn't help but feel proud of their accomplishment. "Its over buddy. Now what say you undo your spell... or should Melissa demonstrate the awesome power of an elephant?"

The magician was dangling upside down. He put his hands out. The three girls flinched. "Easy! I'm surrendering." He held his hands out, than allowed them to drop towards the ground. He sighed.


The magician dropped to the ground, he caught himself with his hands and launched himself with amazing acrobatics above the three girls, who watched as Melissa shrank down into a tiny tarantula. One of her friends screamed and passed out.

Melissa herself was screaming. She was so tiny. Her friends were giants. Worst, the magician got away again!

The two friends tried to stop him, but he had more tricks up his sleeves. This time is was a series of scarves tied together, and he roped the two girls. "Later ladies. Have fun with your pet whatever-you-want!" And with that he booked it.

"Damn it! We can't give up. Melissa! Cheetah!"

Melissa slowly grew. She liked this form, she felt light, nimble. The magician wasn't far. She could get him. She ran after him. She was so fast. The wind blowing through her furr felt amazing. She was rearing on the magician. If he says anything I'm so screwed!

The magician turned, about to say something when Melissa's friends began yelling all sorts of animals.

"Gorilla! Donkey! Snake! Giraffe!"

Melissa could feel her body twist and turn, being pulled, stretched and compressed. What the hell... are you guys doing!

Even the magician was confused. But with every animal they called out, even mid transformation, Melissa kept advancing towards the magician. Their plan was working. It wouldn't matter what he called out, Melissa would just take on another form almost immediately. She was right in front of him now. He had stopped running, and he was out of options. He tried calling out animals, but it was no use.


Melissa, as a mighty gorilla launched her massive fist at the magician.

"Squirrel!" He called out.

Melissa shrank down, her fist disappearing.


Melissa felt her head get really heavy, and then it collided with something. It was the magician. She nailed him right in the gut. He was winded.

Before he could speak, the three girls showed up, having escaped their bindings and the one having woken up. They grabbed the magician and used his own scarves to keep him from talking.

"Melissa, as a gorilla-" Melissa transformed into a gorilla. "-take him into the van. I know how we are going to break your curse!"

Melissa carried the magician, who was struggling to break free of his bindings, into the back of his van. Melissa tossed him in. The one girl held out her hand. "Black widow!"

Melissa felt herself become extremely tiny. Her friend caught her in her palm. "No biting now Melissa... this could be really bad."

Melissa was nervous. She tried to keep her mouth shut. It tasted disgusting. She felt weird being a tiny little spider.

The three girls climbed into the van and the one carrying Melissa placed her on the magician.

"So, you have two options. Break the spell... or Melissa here will just end your life and live out her life as a one-man zoo."

The magician struggled. Melissa was enjoying herself. Where should I bite him? She was crawling all over him and decided to go for right on his nose. So he would have to stare at her.

The magician squirmed, feeling uncomfortable feeling the spider sitting on his nose. It was a cold creepy tickle. He started mumbling, nodding his head slowly, as to not aggravate the black widow.

The girls removed his mouth gag.

"Ok! Ok! You win. I'll break the spell. But please, get her off of me."

"No way! You break the spell now!"

"Alright!" He took in a deep breath and closed his eyes. "Human!"

Melissa felt herself grow. Her vision went back to normal, she could feel her hands, her legs. She touched her face. Her nose. Her mouth. She was back to normal! She could feel something squirming beneath her butt. She looked down to see the magician. He was being suffocated by Melissa's butt. Melissa was about to get up when her friend stopped her.

"Hold on! We have to make sure that worked!"

Melissa just wanted to get up, she didn't like sitting on the guy's face. In fact, this was the most embarrassing thing about tonight for her. "Well hurry!" She cried out, feeling uncomfortable to be crushing a man with her butt.

"Black widow!"

Nothing happened. Melissa was still herself.

"Owl! Hummingbird! Cat!"

Melissa began to smile. She lifted herself from the magician's face. "I'm back!" She was jumping for joy. She turned to the magician, gasping for air. "As for you! You are a terrible magician! And you're a jerk!"

With that, the three girls left him tied up in the back of his van. They found the cops, who had determined that there was no grizzly bear in the carnival. Melissa tapped the one cop on his shoulder. "Excuse me officer. There is a bad man in the back of that van! You will find him tied up. Careful, he is a magician."

And with that, the four girls continued on their way, saying goodbye to the carnival and this crazy night.


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