The Prophet From The Future

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A man from the future has some important things you would like to know!


I awake in a rather familiar chamber yet I retain no memory on how I got here. A young nurse enters, shocked, she swings about and departs without uttering a word. Fifty Seven seconds afterwards she returns with a physician who also seems surprised to seeing me awaken, notwithstanding tries to appear calm. And he succeeds marvellously. I suppose he has constant rehearsal when announcing bad news to his patients. Other people come in. People with uncomfortably large cameras and civilians alike. He sends everyone away and shuts the door behind him. He reads on my face that whatever answers all those people outside may need, it is I who needs answers. I don’t know who I am, what happened and how I got here. He fears me. I can see that. However, I see the Hippocrates Oath weighs more than anything. He encloses, inspects me, detects no immediate threat and says.

  • Do you know what happened?
  • No! I retain no memory whatsoever!
  • Amnesia ham?
  • I would assume so!
  • Interesting!
  • Mr…
  • Rungo, Ernesto Rungo
  • Yes Mr Rungo. Everyone’s countenance read unfamiliarity. Who am I?
  • I am afraid no one knows. You fell from the sky right in the intersection of Karl Marx and Eduardo Mondlane, bare naked. On the fall, your body smashed a car, yet it shows not a single scratch. People are wondering if you are indeed… you know… human! You don’t exist in any database. Your DNA is non-existent.
  • Hmm. Where am I?
  • Maputo, Mozambique, Africa, Planet Earth, Solar System, Milky Way.
  • Thoroughly specific.
  • Well, I am considering the option of you being an alien!
  • Quite open-minded! And what year would this be?
  • 2017!

Suddenly, an excruciating headache kicks in. All my memory sinks in as in Petabytes of uncompressed data. I freeze for a sec, I stand in a robotic fashion and after retrieving my memory, surprisingly enough, I realise how peaceful it was a second ago. I switch on my 3D laser micro-supercomputer panel immersed on my arm and I ask,

  • Mission Debriefing.
  • Avoid extinction in this dimension. – My computer answers.

And it struck me. Now I was aware of why I was here. People will invent conspiracies on how and why I did what I did so I am writing this report to explicate with exactitude what has occurred. Pay attention please!

My name is K45, I am from 2566 AD, yes, 549 years from now. Not as far as I would want it to be. In 2516 AD, Earth had 19 Billion people, and 50 years later, only 2 billion remained. We have destroyed our planet. First, deforestation. All natural trees reduced to nothing. In a world of skyscrapers, designers saw trees as imperfections, so along with geneticists they made more beautiful and less begriming trees in labs. Wood, only synthetic. Fruits were all chemically made, with improved vitamins in all sorts of tastes (a mixture of different known and imagined tastes).  Animals like the Mighty King of the jungle or the gigantic pachyderm, after being hunt, killed and eaten, they were seen only in Zoos, but only laboratory made ones. All fossil fuel ceased to exist, even in little quantities, the Earth’s Core was weakened but instead of using alternative energy like solar and electric energy, a new brand of business arises and is rather popular, they started using water to synthesise petroleum. The cause of that is a world where ocean water and petroleum are no longer distinguishable. Poverty in its highest scale. The rich went to live in Mars long ago but the resources were not enough for everyone, so a special war began in Mars. In the end, all space buses and ships to return to earth were destroyed and the survivors were stranded on Mars. Then, without a way of coming back to earth and drain its resources, they perished. On earth, people started living underground, since the sun’s power, due to what you now call Global Warming but which will change to Global Heating, it became impossible to stay below the sun. The Ozone lowered to less than 20% of 2000’s percentage and staying more than 10 minutes below the sun is a sure supplication of suicide because it didn’t simply burn, it also melted your intern organs due to the harmful chemical gases in the atmosphere.  

A group of scientists discovered a way to travel back in time but it was then found out that they were actually travelling to a different dimension, not their own. A way the universe found to avoid the grandfather paradox (if you go back in time and kill your grandfather, then how do you exist to make the travel to do that in the first place) so they couldn’t change their past and save their future. But surprisingly enough, the other dimensions’ faith was no different. Of course some took more and others less to reach our level of destruction but all would eventually manage to destroy themselves. They travelled for years through dimensions and dimensions but nothing ever changed. In the end, they realised that trying all endless dimensions until they found one that wouldn’t die (in case it existed) was a worthless gamble. One day a young scientist proposed something different.

  • Although these planets will be dead eventually, there was a time were the world was fine. Let’s just go and live there.
  • You think no one will notice a few 2 billion people? – Fellow scientist 1 said.
  • Let’s just send each person to a different dimension. Kids will go with their parents or family. Not more than 10 people should go to each dimension. There are infinite dimensions so I suppose they will be enough.
  • But that will not change the fatal fate of the planet. – Another 2 remarked.
  • Not if each person who goes to each dimension warns the primitive people about what is bound to happen if they keep abusing the planet and not thinking about the future.
  • You know what, that might just work but it’s too dangerous. What if they don’t listen? – A young intern 3 asserted.
  • They will have to!
  • But even with scientific proof of Global Warming and animal extinction in previous centuries, they never listened. Why would they listen to simple civilians who are crazy enough to say that they come from the future? – 2 provoked.
  • We will show them why we are from the future?
  • And how would you do that. – 1 asked.
  • With futuristic technology: Artificial Intelligence, our body implants of interactive smart-panels. Our A.I could build a time traveling machine from there and show the powerful leaders what the future has to offer.
  • That might just work but we need to test it first. – 1 recognised the plans viability.
  • I volunteer to be test subject Zero! I think no one is more qualified than I am for this mission.
  • I suppose you are right.

The day I was sent here, a group which call themselves “The Resistance”, they broke in our headquarters and…

And this was how I got here in 2016. My mission is to warn all humanity of what is bound to happen and use my advanced technology to visually enforce it into you if necessary. In the hospital, I sit down thinking about my next move staring at all the holographic videos and the doctor, who doesn’t have any high-tech 3D lenses, can’t see the panel so he may be taking me as insane. It didn’t matter. I stay up, ready to leave when he says.

  • Son, you have a long day ahead of you. There are million questions to be answered.

As soon as he says that, two men in black suits come rushing in, grab me by the armpit and take me past the journalists who shout questions no one hears. I don’t believe they can hear themselves either. Why not channel all their questions to the same database and let the AI ask the most crucial questions? Oh, haven’t found AI yet! Primitives!

They put me on a helicopter, then on a private supersonic jet without uttering a word. We land in the mighty USA. It actually makes me laugh a bit since some time from now this will no longer be the most powerful country in the world mainly because of poor choice in leaders. I got to a place called Area 51 and judging by the look of my compulsory bodyguards, it’s supposed to induce fear in me.

  • Welcome to Area 51 – One says grinning.

I wonder why it is so called. Later realised that it is like an additional state of the USA, a 51st secret state where aliens are supposed to live. We get in, I am put in an enormous white room with a pair of chairs. The walls aren’t even haptic panels but their attempt to look futuristic is obvious. I wait 10 minutes and 47 seconds until someone else comes in. An old man with white curly hair, terrifying. I wonder if he’s the famous Einstein but I remember that the semi-genius lived in the twentieth Century. It wasn’t until 2223 that scientists managed to create an AI uploading in it all Einstein’s books, videos, knowledge, etc and it finished his work. It was his AI version that discovered how God works, debunking String Theory which was the mainstream theory after he had died.

The man sits right in front of me, as if meeting an alien for the first time. It becomes really uncomfortable. If I were an alien I would certainly kill.

  • What now? – I ask him!
  • Hamm? – He mutters surprised I can speak English.
  • Our next move? What’s it? Do you take me as an alien or what?
  • Yeah, that, we are taking you as an alien.
  • Well, I am not.
  • Then how do you explain falling from the sky and not having the tiniest scratch?
  • Sub-cutaneous body armour based on nanotechnology!
  • We are decades away from that.
  • Yes, you are indeed! Actually, 78 years is more precise!
  • You mean…?
  • Yes!
  • It can’t be!
  • Then how do you explain me falling from the sky and not having the tiniest scratch?
  • I don’t know. What if we run some tests?
  • Now you are talking! I am K45 from 2566 AD! Nice to meet you!
  • Woh, slow down a bit. Time traveling? Come on! And what kind of name is K45? Anyway, I am Doctor Gustav Vaskevitch, head of the Alien Communication Expertise (ACE).

Using my holographic projector, I display a video on the right wall and manipulate it using haptic movements from my hand implant. I show him a footage of the future and what is bound to happen. I notice his and everyone’s chocked expression, the rest hiding cowardly behind the wall, firstly taking me as an alien. I explain him why I am here and he chooses to help me but another old man with notably arrogance, blond hair and authority enters. Since Vaskevitch remains quiet while he enters, I assume he retains the highest rank and I seem to be right because Vaskevitch said,

  • Mr President!
  • Right! – The man says – so, you think we will tell people all this and cause mass hysteria ham?  
  • Yes, I think you must!
  • Let me get this straight? You don’t even belong to this dimension and you want to impose your deity futuristic problems? Confess that all you really want is to bring those 2 billion people to our dimension because perhaps, our dimension is the only one that doesn’t actually destroy itself. Am I right?
  • No! Wrong! Very Wrong Indeed!
  • I don’t care. According to you that will possibly happen 566 years from now. I won’t be the president who put people in sanatoriums because they thought Jesus Christ was not coming back. The masses are not logical and all they need is hope. Truth never helps in politics. Now you better get back to your dimension or else, you will be our first alien here.

He turns around and starts walking towards the door when Vaskevitch shouts,

  • Sir, you cannot hide this from people. They deserve to know this!
  • No Gustav, they don’t! And even if they did, either these two things could happen, Mass Hysteria or Total Passivity. And neither helps anyone! Scientists have sang about all that Global Environment gibberish from ages. Do people take them seriously? No! I have more important things to take care of than to worry about Science-Fiction absurdities – And he leaves.

 As soon as he leaves. The two men in black enters and Gustav says,

  • They will restrain you for your tech!

I use their earphones to broadcast a loud noise and they faint with their ears bleeding. I activate my panoramic lenses and I see several men in black rushing towards the room. Gustav goes to the wall, clicks somewhere, and a secret door opens. Perhaps they are not that primitive. I enter the doorway, run as fast as I can using turbo mode in my enhanced prosthetic legs and minutes later I am standing in the nearest city. I enter a café. Some people come in, whisper to some selected customers and they leave

  • Everyone in the café please get out or you will all receive a rain of bullets in the ass! – The loud microphone-man said.

I am surrounded by helicopters, robots and soldiers. Everyone gets out and I remain alone eating a banana. We don’t have natural bananas in the future. But somehow natural bananas don’t taste as deliciously as laboratory made ones. I know I can’t escape without hurting anyone and I really don’t want to kill anyone so I do something else instead. I activate my panel on my arm, link to the Wi-Fi of the café, and hack into all electronic gadgets in the world that use internet: Phones, TVs, Computers, Street Panels, etc, and I use a drone camera to broadcast everything I have to say. I know, it’s a desperate gamble.

  • Hi Everyone. I am K45…

I tell the world everything that is bound to happen, I show footages of all the wars, the destruction, Mars War, everything crucial. After 10 minutes, I stop and back to me, I finalise,

  • If you don’t change the present, you won’t have a future.

As I end broadcasting and put what was previously on their screens, I feel disappointed to see that they have resumed to whatever they were doing, as if I haven’t said anything. On social media all I see is “Hackactivist uses CGI to fabricate futuristic footage, Narcissistic hacker hides behind humanitarian causes, Young schizophrenic Hacker shows that privacy no longer exists”.  I can’t believe it. Is the human being so self-destructive? As the broadcast ends, the army around me decides to attack before I do something like that again so they start shooting the biggest guns they have in their inventory. Shooting a man who wants to save the word. Jesus, John Lennon, Martin Luther King Junior, Lamala Kabunda, Heyman Merman, Doc Poc, N25, and others who tried to do the same were killed for the same reason so I am starting to think that perhaps mankind deserves to be extinct. I raise my energy shield around me and bullets just bounce right back hurting whoever is shooting. I have to stop this before they all die but I think in all the children and the generations to come. They deserve a beautiful future where you don’t think chemically-made fruits taste better than natural fruits. In the end, I decide not to quit on them. This generation (yours) might be selfish and inconsequent but their kids and grandkids had no fault.

  • Let me try again.

I open my panel on my arm to start over, from the time I fell in Maputo, Mozambique, without memories. Then I realise that perhaps I have done this infinite times before, stuck in an endless loop.

Fall without memories?Alert the world?Get disappointed?Fall without memories?Alert the world?

I will never know whether this is my first or my trillionth attempt. You may quit on yourselves but I shall never quit on you. One day, hopefully not too late, you will notice the lethalness of your current habits to the planet.

Now, I am saving this report for those who still want to save the planet. If you are reading this and you are not selfish. If you think about the future of your planet and you grand-grand-…-grandkids, then read it and send it to everyone you know. I am about to send this text to all dimensions and I know it wasn’t in yours that I fell in, but even if it had been, only you could make a change, not me alone! I am about to click the send button! Fare well fellow Earthlings!



K45 to Earth 616



Submitted: December 05, 2016

© Copyright 2022 J J Nota. All rights reserved.

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What a well thought out future! An unusual format. Good job.

Mon, December 5th, 2016 5:21pm

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