A Question With No Answer

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This poem is dedicated to our town 'bum' whose wisdom was endless and his kindness was contagious. There is always more than meets the eye...

Submitted: December 31, 2011

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Submitted: December 31, 2011



Looking the part of a bum

as he leaned

his crooked back

against the hard wooden bench.


A newspaper folded over his arm

presented a relaxed and peaceful aura.

His clothes were disheveled,

his hat sat at a tilted angle,

on top of an unshaven face.


Everything about the man

told more than people had a right to know.

Transfixed she watched him

she nonchalantly

went to sit beside him.


Casually, she searched

deep into his soul

with her eyes.

 Then she asked a simple question

which told a thousand things

"How are you today?"

the man pondered

over an adequate reply.


Yet, looking at her

he realized her question

didn't require a verbal answer,

 or even a mental one-


 She just wanted him to know

someone cared.

so he only smiled

which told it all.



© Copyright 2019 J L Hehl. All rights reserved.

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