Elapse of Tunnel Time

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Love touches our hearts in permanent ways even if it wasn't meant to be forever...

Submitted: December 31, 2011

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Submitted: December 31, 2011



Korbel champagne, will you remain?

I've a confession to share

do you have time to spare?

whispered truths from within

where shall I begin...?


Hidden depths left untouched

to feel,  to know, to understand

connections of the soul

hearts, minds, bodies

joined, intertwined-

in all that we are- were.


Security lay in the midst of your touch.

only then could I feel the love

pouring into my skin.

love lost, nothing last forever

spirits slowly leave-

left with an empty

ringing in my head

contradictions in my heart.


If only, compared to now.

wisdom evoked by

repetition of tears.

the swallows of the eyes

tell tales

and in the heartbeat of a moment

truth reigns free

as my love for you

escapes the sands of time.  

© Copyright 2019 J L Hehl. All rights reserved.

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