Sunlight Revelations

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A sunny day spent in thought

Submitted: December 31, 2011

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Submitted: December 31, 2011



Sitting in a sun-filled room

with leaves to tangle loose

the sensations of the heat waves length,

bringing life to fullest bloom.

The haunting wind to sort me out

the bird calls heading north

interruptions of the daylight

to soothe me slowly forth.

Movement belies the meadow's wrath

upon an open field.

Sirens flare before my mind

reverted by the shield (of thought).

Encumbrances pass me by

leaning more towards frivolity

as I feel the time to fly.

The humming tractor spurts to take

the distilling luxury

of my peace at stake.

Yet treading to mountainous heights

I visualize trails to guide me forth

away from the ground

to surveying landscape.

Feeling the spirit of life befall at my feet

leaving me with who I am

to gaze upon who I might have been.

While still reaching higher

with more to glimpse

at what the search

has still yet to become.

Until the ending mount-

peeking as far as the eyes can see.

Only then will I rest

quest no further

knowing I have just begun-

To view what its like when you been in the sun.


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