Spring's Return

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Love and indecision

Submitted: July 28, 2008

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Submitted: July 28, 2008




Love is an unplucked flower
Delicate to the touch
But in its peaceful quiet
It waits for spring to end
And summer to take hold
So it can truly spread its wings and fly
From the branch to the ground
And be claimed by the earth

I am weary of that flower
I spurn the earth
I am without the joy of love
Dove like, diving in
Is restraint upon restraint
Relinquished to the ground

To let the blossom grow
Into a beautiful apple tree
Is asking too much of me
Of life and heart
To handle
For I am a conduit, moving away
Afraid to claim her role
Among the trees
Of apple blossoms
Of birds and bees
I breathe in the scent of beauty
And fear the joy of we
Instead of I, me, and myself

Can I get along without your help?
I do not know
Yet even more join you,
Tiny pink blossom
To walk away from bachelorship
Into love
That elixir of life
Rejuvenating even the most withered of trees

I shy away
Until I spot the most beautiful tree
In the heart of the grove
A sapling planted next to my own
It strikes me, as would a love struck teenager
And I cannot help but to gaze into its bark
And its hollows and nooks
Radiating my admiration
Until as single bud flies off of my tree
And into the earth

I embrace love,
As a lover should
And plant my seed
Hoping to grow at spring’s return

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