The Kept

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This is a small story that started out as a small bedtime story for my sister, but I just added a bit more to it, with a small twist for more of a teen view.

Submitted: July 14, 2014

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Submitted: July 14, 2014




She held my hand and I held hers, while we followed the sunlight through a small opening leading into Pan Forest. We danced beneath the forest trees and she twirled with the autumn leaves; leaving red crunchy leafs and twigs in her auburn hair. Her name was Sarah, she was so beautiful; she had auburn hair that portrayed the morning, she had skin as white as fallen snow, she had a laugh that was more sweeter than honey and she had eyes that tamed two unending blue sea's. She was my sweet little nymph.

I loved her so much, I had once left in the night hoping she'd forget about a hopeless boy like me. In the end she had known where I'd be and of course she had beat me there. She found me tucked away in a burrow I had made under a great oak in a small part of Pans Forest. After a long sappy discussion, I had found myself walking back home that night, but with a girl who would love me with a passion I could never comprehend.

We found ourselves near that same burrow I had made only a few years back, until something caught my eye. A log had begun to roll down the hill side; knocking over stones, pine cones, and kicking up dirt in the process. We took cover behind a nearby oak and watched the chaos pass by us. 

Peering from behind the tree, I could make out a reddish-orange tail swishing from behind a grassy knoll. We walked out from the tree and out stepped a six foot tall fox from behind the green. He stood on his hinds and walked like a man. It was something from a Grimm's fairy tale story. The fox walked slowly over to us, while Sarah slowly bent down to grab a nearby branch; that was left from the tumbling log before. Seeing this the fox stopped and smiled, "Not very wise are you bitch?" Dropping the branch in disbelief she had stuttered, "You talk?!"

Walking towards us again he said, "I do, and from those expressions on your faces I'd say I'm doing pretty well at it. You see I am here, because I've seen you both, but you are not as young as you were before." 

Sarah had taken my hand in hers in fear of it and the fox had noticed this. "Ah, love. I too wish to have that, but of course I am just another fox scavenging in a mans world. What brings you two tasty love birds here?" Choking on my lost words I had finally been able to answer, "We were just passing through Sir." The fox had looked pleased that I had addressed him as I would a normal man and had smiled again. "I would let you both go, but in this place I am bound to serve the forest and with that said I must take something of yours in order to let you pass on. It's not my place to question why, but that is the way things are here." Getting my mind together I had begun to take off my coat and watch. "Take these then, I don't need them."

"Why would I need them if you don't?" Getting out my blade from my side pocket, I tossed it at his feet. "You can use that couldn't you?" Stepping closer to me, the fox picked up the blade and placed it into my shirt pocket. "All is provided here for me, both food and protection. No need for a blade when I have these at my disposal." Flashing his teeth and extending out his claws the fox leaned up against the oak beside him. "Anything with eyes can see that you love this girl, I can tell by your items of choice as well. You are the luckiest man in my eyes, to feel the rush of fear and still able to keep your heart in the right place." Placing his index finger to my chest, he then receded back. "You love her so much, that I know you wont give her to me, at least not without a fight. This  is why I am not fighting you, because she loves you more. With that in mind you should know what comes next."

I had begun to back up with Sarah behind me, but she had stopped me from doing so. I looked back at her and realized she was smiling that same smile that said, "Everything is going to be okay." She walked over to the fox, turned and smiled she said, "I'll see you again soon, that I promise." 

The fox embraced her, still looking at me he said, "Don't worry my friend, you will not lose her...all you have to do is wake up."

A few minutes later, I had awakened in the arms of my dear Sarah, still cradling me inside the same burrow she had found me in before. She looked down at me, rubbing my arm while she kissed my forehead, Sarah whispered into my ear "There you are my little fox...there you are."

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