Peace of Mind is Priceless

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
An in-depth look at peace of mind and how to live a peaceful, happy life.

Submitted: February 09, 2012

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Submitted: February 09, 2012




An in-depth look at peace of mind and how to live a peaceful, happy life.

Jonathan Nwachukwu


“Peace of mind is priceless”is a philosophy that I have lived by in my young adult life. It has helped me so much that I decided to tell friends the same thing. Once I found that it helped them as well, I knew that I needed to share this concept with everybody.

What I really love about this ideology is that it does not tell anybody what to do. I have never been fond of telling people what to do anyway. I have always feared that my advice would be to their detriment and not in their best interest. In addition, I have found it to be more beneficial to show people how to think their situations through. This way they are successfully self-sufficient in processing their own situations.

This framework is a decision-making and coping tool to help people get the most success, happiness, and enjoyment out of life. Regardless of who you are or where you are from, THIS WILL HELP YOU. To make sure that I made this clear to understand and internalize, I mirrored my framework with Bloom’s Taxonomy, an efficient and popular conceptual framework used by many educators.

I am sure that some will read this and scoff at this simplicity of the text and concepts. I made sure that this was written so that nearly anybody can understand it. In addition, the ubiquity of this concept is paramount to successful use. I also intended for this to be easily translatable.

I am sure others will argue that life cannot be this simple, that there is much more to life than seeking peace of mind. In a sense, they are right. Yet, I would challenge that outside all the complex and intricate details, life is actually very simple:

·We are born.

·We reproduce.

·We provide for our offspring and attempt to propagate our species.

·We die.

So why overcomplicate our mindset on life when we approach those details? Life is already complicated. Why not seek peace instead?

I really hope that you find this helpful in your life. I wish you all the peace, happiness, successes, and blessings that life has to offer!


Peace of mind is priceless.

That sounds like a very helpful concept.

What does that mean, exactly?

Peace of mind is one of those moments in life that are hard to define, but easy to understand. We all know the feeling. In those fleeting moments, there are no worries, concerns, or cares. For a flash, life is completely under control. It is a feeling that we all desire in life, but it is few, far between, and fleeting. At least it seems that way.

How can we define peace of mind? Miriam-Webster dictionary seems to have a good grasp of the topic with one of its definitions of peace:

“Freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions.”

That very simple definition carries so much power. It describes the feeling perfectly.

Many will agree with the notion that this is the most stable mental and emotional state in life.

With those ideas in mind, the next point to consider is how peace of mind is priceless. In fact, what makes anything priceless? Well, it’s simple. Anything that has no calculable price is priceless. However, this does not mean that there is no cost associated with it. There are things that go into it, but we don’t know how much of it we need. Sometimes we are not even sure of all the necessary items.

How does that apply to peace of mind? Consider these questions. What is needed to achieve peace of mind? How much of those things are needed? Consistent answers will be hard to find. Yet its importance cannot be understated. Peace of mind is a feeling for which we would gladly give up everything we have to experience and retain. That basic point is what makes peace of mind priceless.


With a full understanding of the definition of peace of mind and its priceless-ness, let us address why.

Why is peace of mind priceless? Why does this concept matter in our lives?

It all starts with the basic desire to be happy. Everybody wants to be happy. Even if someone claims they want to be miserable, seeking that unhappy state actually makes them happy.

Everybody is looking for the key to happiness. What is there in life that guarantees happiness?


Happiness cannot occur without peace. In fact, reflection on happy moments will also present a sense of peace. Happiness cannot directly coincide with turmoil, making peace of mind critical. Another way of saying it is what exactly makes one happy cannot cause personal upheaval. If it seems like they coincide, dig deeper and they will begin to differentiate.

Since happiness cannot occur in a situation that without peace, it is critical that a mindset of peace be established in our lives. Another reason why peace of mind is priceless is our unique opportunity to change our attitude. When things are going poorly, we still have the ability to keep a positive attitude. Of course, no positive attitude can flourish without internalizing peace of mind. Charles R. Swindoll’s quote regarding our attitude still rings very true:

“I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you...we are in charge of our attitudes.”

When we gear our mindset toward peace of mind, we can make a conscious decision to change our attitude. This also allows peace of mind to be a decision making tool. If you learn nothing else in this essay, understand that: Whatever gives you the most peace of mind, do it. Just make sure that it does not hurt anybody else in the process. At that point, it becomes counterintuitive to everyone’s peace of mind.

This brings up another point as to why peace of mind is priceless. When we have peace within ourselves, we then have the ability to find peace within each other. This makes sense, because when everyone has peace, what purpose would there be to cause strife, confrontation, and war? We would end up with a peaceful, utopian existence.

Of course, the perfect utopia is unlikely to happen, but why not live as peaceful an existence as possible? Not just in body, but also in mind, soul, and spirit. Even religion gives us guidelines to enjoy a peaceful existence on earth in all facets. Many would argue that this is one of the reasons we have religion.

The reality is that we only get to live once. This is the most important reason why peace of mind is priceless. You have to maximize life fully while you have it. With an aim to achieve peace of mind in everything you do, life will definitely be an enjoyable experience.


So when do we adhere to this idea of peace of mind being priceless?

Always. You can apply it anytime and it’s as easy as it sounds. In fact, you do it now and don’t even realize it.

Take, for example, buying milk at the store. Either you already know what you want and get it, or you take a moment to investigate further on which kind you want to get. Once you take that milk home, you aren’t concerned about the milk that you did not choose, unless you aren’t satisfied with your choice.

In that example, decision making and coping are utilized. We decide to buy a particular kind of milk, and then we cope with the choice we made over the others. These are the two times when we seek to achieve peace of mind.


Coping through peace of mind is the best way to deal with the surprises that life has to offer us. Even though we have the ability to control 90% of what happens to us in life, there is that 10% that we have no control over. Or we may have to deal with the results of a previous decision. Either way, even though we may not be able to deal with those situations to directly, it is still important to establish how we respond to it mentally. Life happens, but responding to it peacefully makes it easy to deal with mentally and emotionally.

Granted, this is much easier said than done, because we all share the same flaw: selfishness. Whether we want for ourselves or we want for someone else, the desire comes from within us. We want it all, and we let that desire get to us. Therefore, when that 10% of life does not occur exactly the way that we want, it upsets us. Of course, it’s hard to have peace of mind when we’re upset.

Peace of mind for coping purposes boils down to two objectives. First, it is important to find peace of mind with what we have. We always want more out of life, but we can’t have it all. Therefore, it is critical to find satisfaction in what life has afforded us. The second point is that we should only worry about what we can control. When we have done all that we can, then there is nothing else we can do. If there is nothing we can change, then we should not worry about it. Worrying is an exhausting mental activity. For the religious, this is the point in which we send those concerns to God.

As far as how to cope with life’s uncontrollable situations with peace of mind, there are a multitude of ways. Here, we have two methods worth exploring. First, make it a point to see everything in a positive light. It could always be worse. As long as we don’t reach that worst-case scenario, we’re ok. Another method is simply ask, “How can I find peace of mind through this?” This will force you to do some searching, but you are likely to find a solution that works for you (see Analysis). As long as you are not hurting yourself or anybody else, whatever way you find peace of mind is fine.

Decision Making

Decision making for peace of mind is exactly as it is stated. Earlier, I mentioned that whatever gives you the most peace of mind, do it. This is when we apply that mindset. At some point in life, we will encounter a situation that forces us to make a choice between two or more things. This will become an opportunity to better ourselves mentally, so consideration for which option gives the most peace of mind is critical.

Obviously, if we make a bad decision, we have less peace of mind. Fortunately, life will always give us opportunities to make good decisions for our peace of mind. Situations in life will change, forcing us to make decisions for our benefit. Keep in mind that change is inevitable, but growth is optional. Growth comes from making good decisions rooted in peace of mind.


There is an old saying that, “Anything worth having is worth working for.” Peace of Mind is no different, as it requires some critical thinking on our part. Consider this: Because we have the ability to change our attitude and situation, we have to put forth serious effort to make that change happen. One way we can do this is by really looking within ourselves. By using this, we can resolve what causes us unrest. We really cannot have peace of mind without looking into what is causing it to be disturbed.

For making decisions, the introspection needs to address a variety of things, most importantly the end goal. What is it exactly that we are trying to accomplish? When we establish an end goal, we can then begin to construct how exactly to reach that goal…


After finding our final goal to achieve peace of mind, we have to put together paths of how to reach that goal. If we plan well, we can put together suitable options to help us resolve our issue. It would not do us any good if we put together a list of ridiculous options for us to choose from. Then we force ourselves into making a bad decision.

One issue to consider when formulating these options is long-term vs. short-term peace of mind. Remember that we are looking for the most peace of mind, so long term peace of mind options are what we really want to construct. Short-term peace of mind is likely to cause unrest and regret somewhere along the way due to being incomplete plans (as far as time). Granted, a situation like the milk example mentioned earlier is unlikely to be a long-term peace of mind plan. These types of situations are acceptable for short-term planning.


Whatever gives you the most peace of mind, do it. It really is that simple, so long as we have thoroughly evaluated our suitable choices. We also need to make sure that we are at peace with the decision that we make. Otherwise, it would be counter intuitive to have no peace with a decision intended for our peace of mind.

After the situation has passed, we should not hesitate to look back at the decision to see if it was the right one. We need to make it a point to give ourselves peace of mind with the decision we made. We should find a way to improve and get better in the process of seeking peace of mind. It is only true peace of mind if we know that we did everything that we could in the best way that we know how to achieve it.

© Copyright 2020 J O Nwachukwu. All rights reserved.

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