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a letter from a mysterious friend

Submitted: February 09, 2016

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Submitted: February 09, 2016





By J Woods



To my Dearest Friend,



I hope all finds you well. I suppose it's become time that I reveal myself to you. You should know that all I've written here is for you, saved for you, just for this moment.


I've watched you since the beginning of time; I knew your name before your Mother's, mother was given to fanciful thoughts of her teaching and guidance spanning the web of time.


I knew this moment would come to you; this sweet moment that I waited so patiently to be an observer of; I waited for you for an eon, I watched generations of men fall to the tempest of time, just so I could savor this one moment.


I watched your predecessors bravery in their moments, when they fell short of their potential succumbing to their own personal desires. I set the stage when he met she; I manipulated the strings of oh so many to see this story unfold exactly for this moment.


In a thousand years I developed your potential, carefully adding ingredients from the chosen of your kin.


A pinch of honor and pride here,

A dash of pain and guilt there,

A seasoning of selfish desire,


For what you ask?


For this moment.


This my Dearest, this is your time. Do you not remember how you succumbed to your own desires?


How much she wanted you?


How much you dismissed her?


Do you not see how many opportunities you've let falter, how many doors closed; just because you didn't feel you had the strength to risk or venture forward?


Think with me back to one moment; you could feel it, you had the world in your hands, right at the cusp of all any man could ever desire. You let it pass. It's truly an entertaining thought what an obscure creature you are to turn away from things that would benefit you.


Countless years of entertainment you've provided me; to observe you come so close to your goals then faulter at almost a dead stop. Oh Dear friend, what if you had only reached just a little further? Do you not see that by design your kind must struggle? If your kind has nothing to fight for then you seem to delve into madness. You need the struggle to survive.


But now you should know, that in this moment as you sit and read my ever anticipated letter to yourself; know in this moment I'm finally coming. But you always knew, don't be play coy.


That moment when you heard your name and no one was there?


That moment when you just knew you had to take that object?


That moment you cried for yourself at the neglect of your responsibilities?


That moment when you looked overhead and you seen the flight of the winged creature?


That moment you were so sure it called to you?


You always knew. You always knew that this moment would come. Your defining moment. The moment you came to existence.


I can feel you know, your pulse rising, your body temperature warming, your mind racing; and it's delicious your fear. I can smell your concern as I grow closer to where you lie.


I can hear you thinking to yourself that you should hide? Perhaps call to your modern Praetorians to protect you.


I can taste your concern for your loved ones.


Oh my friend worry not; don't you realize it was all for this moment. Do you not see every gift your have been given was for this single point in time?


No, you've deluded yourself into believing you have “normal” inclinations; dismissing your rage as only “human”.


No my friend. Only for this moment, because in this moment you must choose. All will finally be clear. You whom I've hunted from the beginning of time.


But not quite yet, I don't think you're quite ready yet. But in this moment know I watch you closer than you could know


But soon, quite soon you must choose. But the moment is mine.




Your Closest Friend,





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