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To face the true villian

Submitted: March 26, 2018

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Submitted: March 26, 2018



It is you to whom I seek, the one to whom blame does keep,

The one who does sit and stare, the one who’s eyes do always glare,

The one who loses sleep at night, the one who pulls his bedding tight,

The one who’s sins drip like sweat, the one who’s words you do regret,

The one who looks back in time, freezing life as the bell does chime,

It was you I for who I searched, tattered, scarred from like burned earth,

There was once something pure, something constant, something earned,

Then you found your very truth, I come now to claim you word,

The words you’ve spoken, the thoughts that seeped,

The darkness within, the hidden soul, your web of deception will unfold,

Your tongue it ripped through the bone, your eyes, your body taught like stone,

Now I’ve found you and you will see, the mirror tells truth, truly we see,

As I stared into my own eyes, now I must face, my past, my lies,

The pain I caused others, through my own deeds, the grave does call, it does not sleep.

© Copyright 2019 J Woods. All rights reserved.

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