Guardian Angel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

what if a mirror, wasn't really a mirror? what if mirrors were doorways into another world, a worse one, and your reflection is protecting you from the other side?

“Mom, why would it matter if she looked over here anyways? All I have to do is make sure that I’m at the same reflecting surface she is, and mirror her actions when she touches it. Then the curse won’t matter.”

Amy stared longingly through the mirror into the room beyond, not looking back at her mother. A girl sat on the bed, hunched over something. Her long hair flowed down the headboard of her bed like a golden waterfall. Amy could spot a large, leather bound volume resting in her lap. The girl’s vibrant green eyes followed the text in front of her. Amy watched as her slender fingers flipped the page, and as she stretched. The walls were a glowing yellow, the floor a pristine white carpet.

The room was bathed in a soft glow from the ceiling light. The closet on the one side of the room had ornate, hardwood doors, and although Amy couldn’t see it, she knew that there was a dresser beside and a little behind the mirror. Amy admired her twin’s room, despite the fact that it looked exactly like her own. There was something about her side that was simply better. The door cracked open in the other girl’s room, and a woman that looked exactly like Amy’s mom peeked in. Her mouth moved, and the girl got up and followed her out the door. Amy turned her head slightly to peek at her mother. Martha was standing in the doorway, her arms crossed. The shadows beneath her eyes betrayed her seemingly alert stance. Amy turned back to the mirror and braced herself to be berated.

“You ought to practice mirroring her when she faces you,” Martha stated, ignoring the question. Amy rolled her eyes, knowing that her mother couldn’t see them.

“Mom, how would she be able to figure out about me if her mother doesn’t tell her? You said so yourself: the only way that they could see this side is if they knew about us. Besides, how would I know that she knows about us?” Amy was about to continue, but cut herself off when Martha stood a little straighter, more imposing than before.

“Because one day you will make a mistake, and then she will pay dearly for it if you aren’t prepared. And to answer your second question, she wouldn’t be able to see her own reflection if she knew; just like how you and I can’t see reflections. The mirror becomes a window,” Martha tiredly explained. Amy decided to keep pushing.

“Why am I the only one that has to do this though?” Martha took a step forward, causing Amy to shrink back towards the mirror.

“Because my twin already knows and understands why she can’t come over here and therefore doesn’t try. What does your twin know?” Martha challenged, leaning slightly forwards. Amy stayed silent. “Well?”

“Nothing,” Amy retorted in defeat. Martha nodded as if to herself.

“And that’s the way you’re going to keep her from coming through,” Martha stated. “Do you honestly think that I don’t have to do anything? I still have to catch my twin when she decides it’s a good idea to dive into perfectly still water. I had to jump straight at her. I couldn’t move my neck for weeks.” Martha raised her hand to her neck, stopping just short. She furrowed her brow and lowered her hand back down.

“Why can’t they come through, though?” Martha looked back at Amy, her shoulders dropping in disappointment.

“Because the power that lets them, and us, go through reflective surfaces causes them to lose themselves. They forget everything in less than twenty minutes, and their twin is forced into the opposite world. We can’t live in the same world,” Martha stated, annoyed.

“So? What’s so bad about forgetting? Besides, it wouldn’t be so bad to get stuck in her world.” Martha set her jaw.

“Just listen to what I tell you for once, and protect that girl!” Martha commanded, pointing at the windowed mirror. Amy shied away, making herself as small as possible, nodding furiously. Martha’s expression softened. “Good. Now, come downstairs. It’s time for dinner,” Amy followed Martha, hanging back a bit.

“Hey, mom?” Martha didn’t look back. “Why are we always on the news?”

“Because we’re different from other families,” Martha responded as a black ball of fur dashed in front of Amy. She started falling forward, but Martha caught her. “Like that. You have to remember that our world is one where superstitions, myths, and fears are actually real. Since we own a black cat, people may think that we’re witches, when we aren’t. Also, since that black cat crossed your path, they’d believe that you’d have bad luck for the rest of your life, and normally you would. But our family doesn’t because of where we come from.” Amy furrowed her brow, thinking. She chose the final question for her mother.

“Then, where do we come from?” Martha opened her mouth to respond, but s pped.

“Don’t move a muscle, and make your mind go blank.” Amy froze. The lights in the hallway flickered and dimmed. The window at the end of the hall burst open, wind bursting through and mist slowly tumbled over the window sill, clinging to the walls and floor. The front door broke open, and Amy could see what was there. A tall shadowy figure glided in. Black mist and smoke roiled around its body, slowly floating towards the ceiling. Small sparks followed the smoke. The creature slowly moved towards Amy and her mother. Amy looked at her mother. She was beginning to shake. Amy watched as the creature continued gliding forwards towards her mother. Amy was about to move, but Martha opened her mouth. “Amy, don’t move. Wait until they’re gone, then go check under the stairs, ok? Grab the brown envelope, and read it!” The creature made it to Martha, and a chill went down her spine as an identical creature glided through her. Both grabbed Martha, dragging her towards the front door. “I love you, Amy, don’t forget that! I’m sorry how I…” A creature cut her off as it slashed her neck to the bone. Blood bubbled up from Martha’s mouth before she fell limp. Amy stood perfectly still, waiting for the creatures to drag Martha away. Every second felt like an hour as the creatures dragged Martha out through the door. Amy collapsed as soon as the creatures had left. The only evidence of the creatures’ existence was the open window, the broken door frame and the blood trail.


“Amy! Amy! What happened?” Someone was shaking Amy. She opened her eyes to see Richard, her step-father next to her on his knees. Amy tried to sit up.

“Night Terrors,” Richard slumped against the wall, mouthing the words to himself. He stared at the wall in shock, but m aged to finally look at Amy.

“Well, they always come ‘round eventually. I suppose it was only a matter of time before they came after us.” Amy looked at Richard.

“They make your greatest fear come true, don’t they?” Amy managed to say. Tears began welling in Amy’s eyes as Richard nodded. “That means that mom must have been going through a terrifying experience before she died.” he nodded again. “Then she still managed to yell to me, even though she must’ve been absolutely terrified. What are they?”

“Night Terrors are the souls of those who have died in the wrong world. Basically, they were cursed just like you and your mother. They went through to the wrong world, and then they died. They come from both sides, but all congregate on this side. They don’t go into the other world.” Richard spoke as if in a trance.

“Why don’t they go over there?” she said this to herself, but Richard responded.

“Because they fade away. You have to remember that a soul is the accumulated memories of a person.”

Amy tried to stand but slumped against the wall. Sliding along the wall, she made her way to the storage space under the stairs. She began grabbing objects and tossing them out into the darkened hallway.

“What are you doing?” Richard's voice echoed in Amy’s mind as she reached the back of the storage space. The tears renewed themselves when she saw the brown envelope that her mother had said would be there. She pulled it out and walked over to the kitchen, having regained her balance. She opened the envelope at the counter, dumping its contents onto its smooth surface. The first paper described some kind of genetic defect with Martha and Amy’s names at the top of two columns, while the third one had the name Stuart at the top.

“Stuart was my biological dad, right?”She asked as Richard walked in and leant against a cupboard, running a hand through his hair before responding.

“Yeah, he was. He got taken by Night Terrors as well.” Amy moved on to the next paper. “What is this?” Amy shrugged. The next paper was a description of some kind of legend about Martha’s family. Richard looked over her shoulder, peering at the paper in the dark.

“What happens to your mother’s twin, now that Martha’s gone?” Amy shook her head.

“I don’t know. How would I tell her that she’s gone? She’ll have to be super careful now,” she replied. Richard nodded in agreement, stepping forward to lean on the counter. “What about you, dad?” he looked down at her.

“What about me?”

“Well, what’ll happen with your twin?” she continued. Richard smiled.

“I’m not cursed, so don’t worry about me. It was all in your mother and father’s genes,” Amy looked back down at the papers, and picked one up that was handwritten.

Amy, if you’re reading this letter, it means that something’s happened to me. We aren’t from this world. I managed to find out that your father and I had somehow switched places with our twins when I was pregnant. We aren’t supposed to be here. But, they now live happy lives, and we didn’t have the heart to force them back into this world. So, please continue on to protect them in our stead. In this envelope, there should be a paper that describes to you what makes us different from other people here. Please read it, so that you can understand why our twins deserve to live in the good world.

Amy put the paper down and picked up the final paper. Her hands started shaking, the tears finally breaking free of her eyes, flowing down her cheeks.

“Amy?” She looked over to Richard before responding.

“I now understand. Mom and dad were the nicest people on this planet,” Richard smiled.

“Why do you think I married your mother after Stuart died?” he replied.

“Wait, so you knew that we weren’t from this world?” Amy’s voice quivered. He nodded. “Do you know about why mom wanted to keep our twins in that world?” Richard shook his head this time. Amy took the initiative and explained. “They weren’t alive in the first place. They were our real twins, but then they died somewhere in the process, either through miscarriage or after the birth, early on. Afterwards, they came into this world, and mom and dad found out about it and switched places with them, giving them a chance at a safer life,”

"That sounds like your mother,” Richard stated in admiration. Amy walked out of the kitchen, leaving Richard behind. She climbed the stairs up to her bedroom looking at the mirror once she got there, a newfound purpose in her heart. Amy stopped. She couldn’t understand what she was seeing; a man stood in the center of her twin’s room, staring straight at her. He slowly moved towards the mirror, and put his hand out. Amy started backing towards the door, but the man couldn’t go through the mirror. Amy moved forwards, and the man left the room. Amy’s twin peeked out of her closet, and ran towards the mirror, reaching out to Amy. Her twin’s hand started to go through the mirror, and Amy lunged forward to stop her from coming through.

Amy froze when she saw the tears flowing from her eyes, and noticed the blood on her hands and clothes. Amy lightly pressed her hands on her twins. The man came back, and this time Amy noticed more about him. Blood covered his arm, and he was holding a large cleaver. Another figure appeared behind him, blood splattered all over him as well. They leapt forward like dogs to a bone and grabbed Amy’s twin.

Amy interlocked her fingers with her twin, holding her in place as best she could while she was being pulled away. She placed her feet at the base of the mirror and pulled as hard as she could to keep her twin from being taken away. Amy couldn’t hear it, but she could see her twin screaming. The tears glistened on her smooth cheeks, her eyes crying for help. Nobody was there to help her, only Amy. She started to get dragged into the mirror as the dark figures kept pulling. Amy looked past her twin to see a brown envelope on the floor with papers scattered around it. She locked eyes with her twin, begging for her life. Amy’s fingers were slipping, and her twins fingers dug into the back of her hand.

“No!” She screamed. She stared into the watery green eyes across from her, and made up her mind: there was only one way left to keep her safe. Amy yanked at hard as she could as one of the men raised his cleaver. The men’s bloodied hands slipped and Amy’s twin tumbled into her world. Amy held her twin for a split second and whispered into her ear.

“Allow me to protect you,” Amy started to be pulled towards the mirror. Her twin started grabbing at Amy’s hands, desperately trying to hang on. She was being pulled towards the mirror along with Amy. “Please, let me go. Don’t worry, you will forget about me and it won’t hurt as much.” Tears flowed from the twin’s eyes. Amy slipped her arms from her twin’s bloodied hands and shoved her twin to the floor. She watched as the men grabbed hold of Amy. She struggled, kicking one man. The other man raised the blade above his head. The cleaver seemed to fall in slow motion as it arced down towards Amy. The cleaver cut through Amy’s neck. The pristine white carpet, glowing yellow walls and mirror were splattered with blood as the men continued to chop up the body into smaller pieces. The twin convulsed. The two men noticed the movement and moved to the mirror, trying to get through.

A paired screech pierced through the eerie silence, and two Night Terrors flew into the room, bolting straight through the mirror. The creatures wrapped around the men. One twisted a man’s neck repeatedly until the head came right off. The other Night Terror bent the man backwards until his head reached his feet and violent spasms wracked his body. The creatures turned towards the mirror and slowly began to fade. They flew forwards, cracking the mirror. Then one of the creatures grabbed a marker from the dresser and started writing on the mirror before vanishing. The marker hit the floor, the twin’s heart falling with it. Richard burst into the room and knelt next to Amy’s twin.

“What happened?” the twin only shook her head and pointed at the mirror.

There on the glass were the words, Guardian Angel

Submitted: May 01, 2017

© Copyright 2021 J. K. Koop. All rights reserved.

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