Crimson Days

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: April 17, 2017

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Submitted: April 17, 2017



It’s been crimson days since you left
The hours drag on like days, and days like weeks
My time is filled with the waiting; and bereft
With my days having little meaning, I’m meek

It’s been hard for me, very hard indeed
To gain my composure; I am left wondering
Where you are, what you’re doing; I’ll heed
That only with my imagination wandering

It’s been the autumn of my existence, I see
The winter fast approaching; it’ll be hard and cold
The skies will unload its harsh snow; I can’t flee
Only onto my sweeter dreams I’ll firmly hold

It’s going to be a time when the lush leaves fall
And the trees will be sombre and soon left bare
The animals would soon prepare their last call
But I don’t know how well or badly I’ll fare

The past few weeks have been a long lonely trek
It feels like I’m carrying a heavy load on my back
With every step of the way it feels about to crack
I can’t find rest nor am I able to retract

I wish I could just lay by the wayside and rest
But my anxieties just won’t let me be; I’m restless
For deep down inside I know I’m far from my best
At times I’m so anxious it’s leaving me breathless

In knowing that every life has it’s laughter and pains
Still I am left in a sunken feeling of deprivation
For my joys and laughter seem never coming again
I just long for the state of even some mild elevation

Deep within myself lies a void of stagnation
And I can’t weep or weed the hopelessness out
Except to trudge on along this confusing dimension
Keeping my faith; someday happiness will be throughout

© Copyright 2018 J. Sam Barr. All rights reserved.