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Submitted: February 24, 2017

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Submitted: February 24, 2017



I have always been fascinated to see a sunrise at the king’s cross City beach. So, I strolled off one fine morning to experience the mystically enchanted scenery. Walking through the sands I stepped onto one of the rocks and stretched out my arms, I was still in my night dress and that made me feel more comfortable.

The Light breeze toughed my cheeks as if it was kissing me and welcoming an old friend, the sounds of the waves were like music to my ears which reminded me of the old verse which I had written when I first came to a sea shore,

Sea O Sea,

Did you ever have tea?

I think you need some sugar and milk;

As you are quite salty.

The waves struck the rock and touched my feet its fizz bubbles telling stories of ages gone by, the sea shells on the sand were as if small galaxies within themselves, as the sun rose, it pierced the clouds in the sky and perished the night. The water sparkled up like gold. I turned around to walk back home but the cold breeze hugged me as if saying “Goodbye my dear friend”.






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