With a sorrowful heart

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An old women sits alone in the park.

Submitted: May 30, 2013

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Submitted: May 30, 2013



She sat alone in the park that day, daydreaming of days of old, wishing ever so much to be young and care free again. The sun was out, shinning down on the little old lady, the sun heating the wood bench beneath her. There was a breeze  not too hard and not too soft, one of those perfect days for play. The green field of grass was littered with happy folks living their lives never knowing, never realizing what they have, always taking things for granted, never being thankful for what they do have.  "Oh Walter, if only you were here, you would have loved this day. The sun is all shin-in like you always liked, sure been miss-in our little sits in the park." The women sat in reflection, still grieving the loss of her husband.  "Do you remember the day we met? I sure do, seems like it was yesterday." The women smiled brushing the hair from her brow with the back of her hand. "It was 1964, you had been injured in the war, and I was your nurse. You were so badly injured you were almost unrecognizable, we all feared you wouldn't survive the night." A tear fell from her cheek, hitting the back of her clinched fist. "I stayed with you the whole night, and when you opened your eyes, and oh what beautiful eyes they were. You looked up at me and asked me to stay with you forever. And I never left Walter, I never left, and here I am trying to live on without you, what am I even-ta do with myself now?" She took in a deep breath of fresh air, calming her nerves, and sat, watching the clouds float by. "Oh Walter look! That one looks like our Pookie, I hope he is with you somewhere, over the rainbow. Oh, how the days grow lonely without you here Walter, I count the days till I am with you again my love." A dog shaped cloud passed over the sun, shading the old women from the heat for a moment, the sun poured out onto the women filling her cheeks with warmth. "How much I loved your hugs Walter, I can almost feel-em right now, even when your cold to me. Those days when you got so made I sawyer you would have a heart attack, you would put your hands on me, but it was never good. I don't blame you for it Walter, it was my own fault. I knew better than to push you, but I always would. I could see it in your eyes you never wanted to, just had to teach me a lesson that I had to learn. And oh how those lessons would go on and on, would seem to last forever, and just when I thought I couldn't handle the beating anymore, you would stop and kiss me, kiss me and be sweet." The women's hands were trembling this memory, fear and regret flooded her emotions, washing her down a black tunnel of depression. She cried out in sorrow, picturing the man she loved; beating her from an inch of her life.  "Walter, are you there Walter, can you hear me where you are? Is it peaceful  Are you there waiting for me?" The women couldn't help to cry out at that, screaming, pleading to be heard by her dead husband. Across the street people stopped and watched the poor old women, not knowing what to do to help calm her. I tall man with a bald head and green scrubs on approached from behind her, accompanied by a women in blue scrubs and a white coat, and black thick rimmed glasses.  "Stacey.. You know you are not permitted outside unsupervised, what are you doing out here? If you had wandered off you could have gotten yourself or others hurt." The women smiled down at the old women softly.  "I came out to talk to my husband, Walter. We met in the war, I was his nurse." The women replied so proud but very disrespected. "We've talked about this now, you don't have a husband, and you never did. You have never been married, you have been here with us for years." The doctor answered back concern pouring from her features.  "What? That is a lie; I have a husband, or had he died twenty years ago." The old women began to cry, banging her wrist against her head. "No sweet heart, you were born twenty years ago, these are all just fabrications you have made up in your head, something you use to hide something you don't want to remember. So you created a personality to help mask it from the world. You are not 74 years old, you are 22. you have been here with us at BLUE Institutions for seven year, you came to us when you were 14. Unmarried, and started this dilution that you were an old widow soon after arriving, how can we help you if you wont help yourself? You fight us, but all we want is for you to get better." "YOUR LIEING!" The girl shouted, lunging herself at the doctor, knocking her to the ground and chocking her violently. The tall bald man, with very little effort pulled the girl off the doctor holding her securely in his arms tight. The doctor got to her feet coughing, and sucking in air, and ran for the front door in to the asylum. "I need straps and some sedation out here." The doctor shouted returning to her patent before she hurt herself. Help came in a flash, two new nurses in green scrubs and another man in a blue scrubs and a white coat wheeling a gurney. The two in green one carried the straps  while his partner on the other side carried the shot with clear liquid inside. the three men in green fought to get her to the ground, wrestling for a minute until they successfully pined her down enough to get the shot. The men stood her up on her feet, as her vision started blurring, her head became light, and became extremely aware of how tired she had become. The girl couldn't stand any longer, and began to fall forward, but was caught by the tall bald man, who gingerly lay her atop the gurney. The girl was then wheeled away with only one word at her lips, one word she couldn't  no wouldn't stop muttering, a name she would never forget. Walter, and how much she loved him, her wonderful husband, the love of her life.  

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