the universe's boundary

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the universe's boundary is there a possibility that there may be one?

Submitted: April 15, 2017

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Submitted: April 15, 2017



This is just a small piece to get me back into writing...please feel free to comment your opinion.

So... where does the universe end? Astronomers say it's infinite. Yet how can matter in which anything can travel through be infinite? It doesn't really make sense for it to on and on and on and on and on and on and on (and on for ten pages) *Takes great, deep, gasping breath* and on, however, it doesn't really make sense for there to be some kind of boundary, either.

From a perspective of the universe being infinite, everything has to end somewhere. For example, not even the Great Wall of China is infinite; it's the longest wall in the world, right, but it ends. Same concept with the universe: it has to end somewhere. If we could live forever (whatever forever means), and we sent a space shuttle to go in one direction and figured out how to make fuel for the shuttle and food out of nitrogen (THAT is far fetched, but please accept the point), the ship would have to hit some point when it physically couldn't go on.

However there's a snag with that. If there was some boundary in the universe, where there's a boundary, there has to be another side. And what WOULD the boundary be, anyway? As I mentioned before, a stone wall? And, again, a stone wall has to have two sides. If you were in that space ship and suddenly crashed in to the stone wall, what would be on the other side? And besides, in zero gravity condition, you could go above the wall to the other side, or under the wall. Because the wall would just be floating somewhere light centuries (saying the number of light YEARS the stone wall would be away from Earth is way to high) away. And it is highly unlikely that it's a stone wall; I was just using that as a random example.

Both having some kind of boundary and not having some kind of boundary have many non-supporting facts. So it makes neither make sense to me. I don't really know which one to believe in.

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