The work of DS William Thomas~episode 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
From the short story 'The work of DS William Thomas' brings you an extended TV crime script of The work of DS William Thomas.

Submitted: July 30, 2016

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Submitted: July 30, 2016



Prologue~ set in London in the year 2016 DS William Thomas is gets confronted with some of the hardest crimes of his career.

[Scene 1- the office]

DS William Thomas pulls up outside the office on a cloudy Friday morning, he gets out of his car and goes into his office.

Thomas-(tiredly) Morning Julie .

Julie(receptionist)-(happily) Good morning sir, no news this morning.

Thomas-(surprised) Oh, really that's surprising. I'll be in my office.

DS Thomas enters his office, stood by his desk is the chief commissioner Paul Campling and another man.

Thomas-(surprised) Oh good morning sir, what's going on?

Commissioner-(in a good mood) ah Thomas, there has been a murder down on Baker Street, guy by the name David Washington. (Ordering) get down there immediately.

Thomas- (Commanding tone to the man) who are you?

Man-(confidently) The names Phelps, Cole Phelps, I've been partnered up with you.

Thomas-(controlled tone) Let's go then.

[Scene 2~ crime scene]

Thomas and Phelps arrive at the scene and are greeted by a police officer.

Thomas-(confidently) DS William Thomas and Phelps, got any details?

Officer - Male, late thirties. He's got a corkscrew out his right side of his neck.

Thomas-(worried) sounds familiar.

Thomas and Phelps started walking towards the body.

Officer-(shouting) oh and there was a note on the body addressed to you Sarge.

Thomas stops suddenly.


Thomas starts walking quicker towards the body. He picks up the note. Thomas reads the note to himself.

Thomas -'Hello detective, I'm back' (shocked) it can't be. (Calling Phelps over) Phelps go back to the office and find out the relieve date of the man who goes by the name of The Shadow.

Phelps-(confused) ok sir.

[Scene 3]

Thomas received a call telling him to return to the office immediately. He gets there as fast as possible.

Thomas-(confused and out of breath) what's going on sir?

The commissioner just looks at his office door. Thomas enters with caution to find Phelps laying on the floor with an arrow out his back, attached is a note.

Thomas-(upset) oh shit, no.

Thomas picks up the note.

(To himself) ' haha this is starting to get interesting- watch your family, they could be next~ The Shadow. (To the commissioner) get me Michael Morrison.

Commissioner- certainly.

[Scene4~ interview room]

Thomas-(confidently) Mr Morrison you've got released from prison last week, you missing prison already?

Morrison-(smugly) what's that suppose to mean? Whatever you're trying to blame me for, you've got nothing on me.

Thomas-(smugly, with a grin) tell me about your last crime

Morrison-(more nervous) well I...stabbed a guy in the neck with a corkscrew and left a note.

Thomas-(with confidence) the same as the murder you got arrested under suspicion for.

Morrison-(worried) yeah but...

Thomas-( interrupting) who is the other shadow Michael.

Morrison-(smugly) Adam Davey.

Thomas-(intimidating) ah so you know him, have you worked with him?

Morrison-(nervous) erm yeah a couple of times.

Thomas-(writing in notebook) OK, (quietly) do you know someone called Cole Phelps?

Morrison- ( smugly) I did, he put me in prison for something I didn't do...

Thomas-(interrupting) so you killed him.

Morrison-( nervously) no I didn't.

Thomas-(confidently) you're the only one with a connection to him.

Morrison-(panicky) fine yes I killed him. You can arrest me but what about Adam, where is he? We warned you,haha.

Thomas-(angrily) I'm arresting you for the murder of Cole Phelps.

[Scene 5~Raid]

After the arrest of Michael Morrison, Thomas finds the address of Adam Davey, he calls a meeting with officers.

Thomas-(with confidence) thanks for coming, now we've got a raid to do, a warrant for the arrest of Adam Davey, he's very dangerous, he's wanted for murder, any questions...good let's go.

[The house]

Thomas-(quietly), go,go.

[Police kick down the door]

Officers-(shouting) Police!

Thomas-Adam Davey, I'm arresting you for the murder of David Washington.

Episode two out soon.

© Copyright 2020 J.D Hamilton. All rights reserved.

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