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Submitted: September 07, 2018

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Submitted: September 07, 2018



Two halves of a whole.
Two entities connected by a red string,
pushed to opposite ends of the earth.
The space between them filled with sweeping mountains, wide plains and breath-taking valleys.

Two celestial souls condemned to unremitting preservation,
soaring high above the crumbling soil, 
leaping and dancing above the wisps of wind that carry their longing in the breeze,
never finding peace in a tornado of flurries.

Two laughs echoing across time and space,
doomed to spend a monotonous eternity
in search of reaching the other.
Two laughs fading before they even cross the Pacific blue.

Two passing ships in the night.
The moon bares witness to the almost’s, the not quite’s and the nearly’s.
She sighs at the waves that ripple and crash beneath her gentle glow,
for she understands the heartache that plagues you,
as her one true love adorns the blue sky,
painting the atmosphere with kaleidoscopic hues of his warmth
while she slumbers.

For she will never feel his engulfing ardency or observe his marbled masterpiece.
Sentenced by fate and it’s cruel humor to watch him waltz with the earth before she lays down and after she awakens.

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