Winter's day pt 1: Childhood

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A story about a young boy named Kylian Winter, whom all his life never had any friends or even been around any kid around his age, the only people he's ever around are his parents, that are usually too busy for him anyways, with his mum working out in the city and his father an at home wood sculptor that's usually flooded with commissions, Kylian ever only had himself to teach and keep company.
On a certain Winter day that changes when he meets a boy outside his home with messy hair that's the shade of white pottery clay.
Instantly they became best friends and inseparable from one another..The catch is that, the parents can't see Kylian's friend. Cause the friend he has dubbed "Potter" is fictional. Imaginary.
Reality finally hits Kylian on his 12th birthday during a surprise party his parents put together. From then on, Potter disappeared and the once shining, bubbly child had become more seclusive than ever, heart broken his first and only friend wasn't even real, and someone snatched his imagination along with his friend.
As years passed, Kylian, now a stoic teenager is being sent off over-seas to a boarding school where he'll finally get proper education. All seems normal until he runs into a fellow schoolmate that..looks can that be? He doesn't know anyone--That's it, this guy looks like his imaginary friend when he was a kid! Same hair..eyes..only difference is he's grown too.And because of this guy's resemblance to a fake friend Kylian had..Kylian immediately gets a bitter attitude towards this guy. Least he won't have to see him often, right?

Table of Contents

Childhood part 1

  It was a cool and calm winter's day, light snow covered the grassy ground and the sky was mostly clear. Out, away fr... Read Chapter